5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Roofing Scam in Michigan

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    Having a new roof installed on your home is not something that is done often. In fact, even lower quality roofing materials used today can last 15 years or more. And if you choose a higher quality material for your roof it can last over 50 years. This sometimes leaves a lot of confusion when it comes to getting a new roof. And with this confusion, a lot of homeowners can be the victim of a roofing scam. We’ll give you 5 tips that you can use to find the best roofing contractor in Birmingham Michigan so you get a new roof installed properly and affordably.

    5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Roofing Scam in Michigan

    With the recent storms that have gone through Michigan, there are a lot of roofing companies that want to cash in. With storms usually comes roof damage and while there are some local roofing contractors in Birmingham Michigan with many roofs to repair or replace companies will send representatives to the area in order to get more business. This can help get things back to normal in the community initially but can lead to lots of problems later. When hiring a roofer for your home it’s important to follow some simple rules which we’ve included below:

    5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Roofing Scam in Michigan

    1 – Safety First

    One of the most dangerous jobs in the construction industry today is roofing. Roofing accidents can happen at any time and if the company doesn’t have the proper training and safety equipment it can lead to problems. A roofing company that takes a proactive approach to safety can say a lot about their work ethic. You’ll also want to ensure the company has insurance as well so that you are protected if an accident happens.

    2 – Is the Roofer Fully Licensed?

    Hiring a roofing contractor that is not fully licensed and insured is taking a huge chance with your home’s roof. Having a roofing company install a new roof on your home that is not properly licensed can lead to loads of problems. From problems with final inspections and building permits to making sure the roof warranty stays intact. Improper installation of roofing materials can void the warranty, even if the roof looks good and performs well for a few years.

    3 – Is Time a Factor

    When you have a roof leak on your home getting it repaired quickly means cutting down on damage inside the home. The longer a roof leak remains the more damages that can be done inside the home. Make sure the roofing contractor that you are considering for your home can get to the roof quickly. If your roof needs replacing because of age but doesn’t have a roof leak you may be able to schedule the roof replacement a bit different which may also help you negotiate a better price for the roof installation as well.

    4 – Does the Roofer Have a Roof Contract?

    A roof contract is used to detail all the agreements about the project. It should include the types of roofing materials that will be installed, how it will be installed, how the old roof is cleaned and removed, and what the final cost will be. Some roof contracts go into details about many other points as well. In any case, you should always use a roof contract for your project. It protects you and the contractor in case there are any disagreements later. It’s always better to have any details in writing.

    5 – Are They Local?

    When you have a problem on your home’s roof getting it repaired or replaced will usually mean using a local contractor. However, sometimes when storms move through the area as we mentioned above there may be out of town contractors who market their services. While it can certainly help you get roof repairs quickly the problem may arise later when things have gone back to normal and you realize the roof is leaking again. Hiring a local roofing contractor can help you get roofing service quickly even in times when there are no storms.

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