How to Protect Your Roof in Downriver Michigan from Wind Damage

How to Protect Your Roof in Downriver Michigan from Wind Damage

Wind or storm damage can cause roof damage on most homes when it gets fast enough. Most wind damage comes in the form of damage to the roofing shingles. There are a few things you can do to protect your home’s roofing in Downriver Michigan from high winds and storms which we’ll go over below.

How to Protect Your Roof in Downriver Michigan from Wind Damage

Storms can occur at any time and if your roof isn’t ready it can be at risk of damage. The older the roof is the more likely it will be damaged by high winds. As shingles get older they become more rigid and break more easily as well so it’s especially important if your roof is over 10 years old to heed some of these tips to prevent roof damages on your home.

Roof Repairs Downriver MI

If your roof shingles are damaged, you should replace them. Sometimes you can place a temporary barrier until a more permanent roof repair can be done. This is usually done by placing plastic sheeting or tarps over the affected area up to the ridgeline of the roof. While this can help to prevent damage the repair is only temporary.

Cut Nearby Trees

To protect your roof against rain and storms, you should trim the trees in the vicinity. Heavy storms can cause trees to fall as well as branches on the trees to break away and impact the roofing surface. High winds can cause trees to fall onto your roof if they are located near your roof. Wind can cause the fruits and leaves that were hanging from the trees to fly to your home. Even during winter when ice forms in trees it can weigh down limbs which can break and impact the roof.

To protect your house and roof, you should remove all hanging branches. If any branches or trees fall onto your roof, it is extremely dangerous. It could also pose a danger to the health and safety of your house members. Remove or trim trees that are near your roof.

Remove Other Items That Can Impact the Roof During High Winds

You should take down all materials outside your home before a storm that is supposed to have high winds. This will ensure that you don’t have to rush to move things when the storm hits. Light objects such as patio furniture or items that can be affected by winds are especially problematic. Trampolines are an example of something that can be thrown into the roof during high winds.

Keep your backyard and front yard clean. Professionals recommend that you do not decorate your home prior to the arrival of a storm. This is because the storm could cause damage to your roof and decoration. It is possible for your house to be damaged by rain or wind if you had it painted before the storm. Storms can also cause damage to the roof. Protect your roof as best you can.

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Get Routine Roof Repair When Needed

Your roof should be maintained regularly. It is important to spend money on both the roof and your house. To inspect the roof, you can hire a inspection company . This inspection checks for any holes in the roof that could lead to leakage. The professionals will fix any holes found.

Also, make sure to have your gutters checked when the roof is inspected. Just like the roof on your home the gutters can be damaged by winds as well. Gutters that have pulled away from the home or that have been clogged by leaves and debris can be damaged more easily by high winds.

You should remove all debris and leaves from your gutters and make sure they are flowing clear. Your roof should be kept clean of leaves and debris as well. You should also clean up any fallen leaves from your roof if there are trees near your roof. Take a quick look at your roof and gutters every month to ensure there is no buildup of leaves or debris especially during the fall of the year.


Protect your roof and house from storm damage and high winds. If your roof isn’t installed correctly, the high winds can cause damage to it. If you don’t follow the necessary steps to protect your roof, it can be damaged. Be sure to call the experts at Downriver Roofers today if you suspect your roof has been damaged by storms or wind. Call 734-548-9919 for more details.


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