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Since each roof is unique, each solution must be unique. Before we do the repairs, we consider several factors: the condition of your current roof, the ventilation in the attic, the percentage of the slope, etc. No refurbishment is carried out without a thorough evaluation. If you want to fix your roof problems once and for all, we can help you.


We use GAF, IKO and BP asphalt shingles. Made of fiberglass, they are more heat-resistant and more economical. Depending on the degree of slope and the banks, we determine which type of film-coated membrane we will apply.

Synthetic breathable underlayment’s are also needed to better protect your shingles and framing floor from water infiltration. Each shingle is nailed with 6 nails to better withstand the wind.


The assessment of your roof begins with a meeting where we take the time to understand what your needs are. Your presence also allows us to have access to the attic to check the insulation and ventilation. You can familiarize yourself with our products thanks to the samples that we leave at your disposal.

We explain in detail our working method and answer all your questions. Depending on the complexity of your project, we can provide you with a complete and personalized quote that we produce following our meeting. We remain available to answer your questions.




Any water leak inside your home can have serious consequences. We repair your roof quickly to eliminate the problem at the source.


Complete repair is not always necessary. Let’s discuss together a customized solution for you.


Protect your investment

Get a better resale value

Improve the aesthetics of your home

Benefit from durable, lightweight, easy-to-maintain and climate resistant materials in your area

Do business with a certified company whose strength lies in solving complex problems

Take advantage of expertise that goes beyond the simple replacement of shingles, which is a refurbishment that complies with the standards to eliminate problems: modification of slope, correction of poor workmanship, treatment of valleys and installation of roof fans according to the standards of the manufacturer

Have peace of mind during and after the work: pay particular attention to your environment (flowerbeds, flowers, garage door, entrance, etc.) and clear the ground after work


Check condition after each season, heavy rain, hail, ice and freeze-thaw period

Replace missing shingles and bald areas

Locate accumulations of aggregates in your gutters

Inspect flashings, valleys and dormers

Remove debris on the roof

We accept checks and credit cards



Protect your investment for years by using RoofMi asphalt shingle roof construction and repair services, a company that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities.

Installing or repairing a shingle roof is not an easy task to take. It is important to entrust the construction or renovation of shingles to experts. Only these will be able to provide you with advanced services and honor your warranty.


Whether it’s asphalt shingle roofing or any other type of shingle roof, experienced roofers from Toitures Nortech have the expertise to deliver the quality of roofing you aspire to.

Excellent guarantees on all our products, especially on our shingle roofs

Confirmed expertise: our roofers hold all the certifications required to carry out all types of roofing work



Impeccable customer service

With many years of experience installing and repairing roofs of all kinds (asphalt shingles, elastomeric membrane, TPO membrane, etc.) and all types of projects, we offer significant benefits to our customers, including:

An emergency repair service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure your protection at all times

An efficient and organized workforce

Equipment at the cutting edge of technology


We leverage our cutting-edge expertise to help customers choose the shingle roofing model that best suits their needs. We offer a wide selection of models and colors of shingle roofs that will suit all tastes and styles of residence.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Michigan


Are you looking for a reliable and safe roofing contractor for Roofmi asphalt shingle roofing in Michigan and surrounding areas? In spite of new technologies, asphalt shingle roofs are unduly battered. Since the introduction of fiberglass, which has removed felted paper, the product has greatly improved. Now, there are asphalt shingles guaranteed for 25 years and even for life and at Roofmi, we have them.

Asphalt shingle roof, its composition:

Nowadays, the asphalt shingle roof is designed using a process consisting of an organic felt or fiberglass structure to support the other layers that come with it. The organic felt is soaked and covered with hot asphalt; the top wall is coated with a protective layer of ceramic colored granules, resulting in a defense of ultraviolet rays. The fiberglass structure is also protected from the same protective materials as saturated with the same materials as the organic felt.

Asphalt shingle roofing in Michigan


Roofing with asphalt shingles, many advantages:

Having distinguished itself for several decades, asphalt shingle roofing is offered in many styles, colors and shapes to meet the needs of the most demanding client. Well laid, these shingles are waterproof and they contribute to the runoff of roof water. Asphalt shingles have many advantages:

Affordable price.

Good solidity.

Extensive selection and availability of shingles in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

Guarantees ranging from 25 years to lifetime, providing the customer with security and peace of mind.

Easy and fast installation.

Roofing with asphalt shingles, why choose a qualified contractor?

There are many problems that can be avoided with asphalt shingles as well as their early wear, respecting the rules of installation. When the slope is adequate and the roof is well ventilated, the longevity of an asphalt shingle roof varies from 20 to 30 years depending on the quality used. Whatever option you choose for your new roof, it’s a good idea to turn to an expert who can guide you.

Constructions FMT have been offering asphalt shingle roofing service in Michigan and surrounding areas since 2010!

At Roofmi, We have increased experience and explicit knowledge in asphalt shingle roofing. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to consistently deliver a service that reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. In addition, our team controls all the techniques leading to stubborn installations and we are available to direct our customers in the choice of an adequate and advantageous roof. Certified and reliable, all our specialists are committed to excellence and are committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

Free estimate on our asphalt shingle roofing service

Since we must be vigilant during renovations, especially if it is your roof that protects you from bad weather, entrust your project to Roofmi! Whatever the size of your asphalt shingle roofing project, our team has all the skills and concepts necessary to offer you a service that meets your aspirations today. Contact us for a free evaluation on our asphalt shingle roofing service.

Without hesitation asphalt shingles


Asphalt shingle roofs are unfairly mistreated. The product has improved since the introduction of fiberglass, which has replaced the old felted paper for about ten years. Today, says president of Roofmi, we can get asphalt shingles with 50-year guarantees, and even lifetime guarantees!

asphalt shingles

At equal quality, the asphalt shingle has an unavoidable advantage. It costs less than steel, aluminum or cedar shingles. A lot less expensive. Asphalt shingle roofs start at $ 5,000 or $ 6,000 for a gable bungalow. On a larger and more complex, steeply gabled house, a high quality shingle roof can cost anywhere from $ 15,000 to $ 20,000. The same sheet steel roof could exceed $ 50,000. The bill for some copper or zinc roofs can even reach $ 150,000.

“There are about 100,000 homes in the Gatineau area,” says Raymond, “and 90 to 95 per cent of them are covered with asphalt shingles. In their new residential projects, builders still use only asphalt shingles. This is the dominant product, and the most economical. In fact, with fiberglass, asphalt shingles have nothing to envy to their more expensive competitors.

Regarding quality-price, Roofmi has no hesitation: he is happy to recommend the installation of asphalt shingles. Roofmi customers can choose from an assortment of standard asphalt shingles with a 25 year warranty or lifetime guaranteed shingles. Color choices range from shingle of neutral tint to blends of four colors in illusion.

Raymond Roofing also lays metal roofing that “charms by their look of country house, but also by their resistance to the different climates of the region”.

Many advantages

Having proven themselves over time, asphalt shingles come in many styles, colors and shapes to suit the most demanding customer needs. Well laid, these shingles are waterproof and contribute to the evacuation of water from the roof. Asphalt shingles have several advantages:

– their affordable cost;

– their resistance (asphalt shingles have been used for more than a century and have been proven in our climate);

– their availability (we can buy them from all good retailers and roofers);

– the wide range of products (all shapes, sizes, styles and colors);

– Guarantees that range from 20 years to the end of life, providing the customer with security and peace of mind.

– easy to install and low maintenance compared to other more expensive roofing materials.

Although there are other more expensive roofing materials, such as metal or wood shingles and concrete or slate tiles, asphalt shingles are in most cases better suited to all residential roofs since they are lighter and better supported by the frame. In addition, maintenance to maintain their initial appearance is much less demanding.

The Benefits of Asphalt and Gravel Roofing


What is an asphalt and gravel roof?

Asphalt and gravel roofs are ideal for flat roofs. In English they are called Built-Up-Roofing, BUR. This refers to a roof built with 3 to 5 plies that are usually bonded to each other with hot asphalt.

This is often the type of roof that we call the most common. In Canada, most flat-roof buildings are covered with this one.

More and more people are choosing single-layer roofing, but asphalt and gravel roofing is still an excellent choice.

The final layer of asphalt and gravel helps protect roofs from UV rays and physical damage.

As previously mentioned, asphalt and gravel roofing is made of four or five plies of felt paper where liquid asphalt is applied. These multi layers are what makes the quality of this type of coating.

benefits of asphalt and gravel roofing


Applications :

This roof can be installed with or without insulation, on any type of roof. It can be conventionally installed, as described or reversed.

Advantages :

Relatively inexpensive when used in a standard way

Resists damage, such as shocks caused by debris

Extended warranties of up to 20 years can be obtained directly from the manufacturer or supplier, provided that the roof is installed by an approved roofing contractor, such as those of Toiture Unix.

Asphalt and gravel is also very effective against water infiltration and external weathering

This cover fits easily if your flat roof has multiple vents, skylights, chimney and drain

Asphalt and gravel protects against the spread of fire

His repair is simple

The inconvenient :

The main disadvantage of asphalt and gravel roofs is when the roof has more than 8% slope. Due to asphalt slip. Others this disadvantage:

Not compatible with many types of insulation

Asphalt odors are often disturbing

The price of petroleum products often increases

Low tolerance to expansion and contraction

More sensitive to bad weather during installation, which could affect the quality of the roof

The duration of the coating will not be 25 years if its maintenance is not properly performed. Indeed, it is necessary to maintain its roof to ensure its quality.

Its installation requires expertise, skills and a team of qualified professionals

In conclusion

Asphalt and gravel roofs are excellent coverings for your flat roofs. In most cases, this will be the most interesting solution and especially the most affordable.

It is important to ensure that your installation is of high quality, as this will make your roof have a long life.



The roofing of your roof is constantly subject to changes in temperature and the weather of each season. It is therefore important to choose a product that will offer you a good quality according to the price invested.

In RoofMI, asphalt shingles are among the most used products for roof repairs. It is the cheapest on the market and offers you a very good life. Discover the two types of shingles sold on the market as well as their advantages. Learn more about warranties and installation of asphalt shingles.



There are two types of shingles offered in home improvement centers and by roofers. This is the fiberglass shingle and laminated shingle. Both products are used for different roofing projects.

The best-selling product is fiberglass shingles. It is an alloy of fiberglass and asphalt. The second asphalt shingle we are talking about is rolled shingle. This one is mainly used for roofs with steep slopes.

These shingles are available in different classes, A, B, C and D. Class A and B shingles are thicker, stronger and more expensive. Class C and D products are more affordable and thinner.


Of course, the guarantees differ depending on the manufacturer of the asphalt shingle in question. The guarantee also depends on the quality of the product: the more expensive it is, the more the guarantee will be advantageous. The smaller guarantees usually start at 20 years old. You can even have a lifetime guarantee!

It is essential that your roofer or the seller inform you of the particularities and clauses of the warranty. You must also be aware of situations that may not be covered by the warranty. If the shingle is installed in the middle of winter and below a certain temperature, it may well be that the manufacturer’s warranty no longer covers the product.


Asphalt shingle is a product with many benefits. It is offered in several colors and in several price ranges. The asphalt shingle meets all needs and budgets. If properly installed, the asphalt shingle can last for many years while being highly weather resistant. Here are the main advantages of the asphalt shingle:

Resistant and affordable

Available everywhere

Wide choice (colors, shapes, etc.)

Very good guarantees

Easy to install and maintain

The price of an asphalt shingle roof is between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000. Consideration must be given to the area to be covered, the quality of the asphalt shingle, the manpower required for installation and the complexity of the work.


It is to your advantage to call in a certified roofer for the installation of your roof. He will make sure to inspect your roof and make the necessary corrections before installing the shingle. The installation of the asphalt shingle is quite simple in itself. A homeowner with some knowledge could lay the shingle. However, you must have all the information you need to do the job properly.

If your roof has steep slopes and it has some peculiarities, you should without hesitation seek the services of a professional. Take the time you need to choose the roofer. Make sure he holds a license from the RoofMI and that he has at least a few years of experience.


On the market, it is possible to find two types of asphalt shingles in different quality categories. Fiberglass asphalt shingle is the most popular. It is lightweight and installs easily. The laminated shingle is used for roofs with steep slopes.

Asphalt shingles come in many colors and shapes to suit everyone’s needs. Manufacturers of this affordable product offer good warranties generally starting at 20 years. It is always best to hire a qualified roofer to install the asphalt shingle. You get expert advice and a solution for your budget.

There are several other coatings for the repair of your roof, including the Elastoplast membrane. This product offers a consistent end result and is a very good choice, according to professionals. Discover all the characteristics of the Elastoplast



Sheet metal is the material that is currently making a comeback on our RoofMI roofs, particularly because it represents a choice of roofing that is very advantageous for residential buildings, homes, businesses or industrial buildings. The roofing sheet is a material with multiple styles, profiles and colors, the main advantages of which are:


As one of the most durable materials, sheet metal has an exceptionally long service life of up to 50 years on a roof, if properly maintained. Sheet metal offers a considerable advantage over other materials such as asphalt shingles, which have a shelf life of 15 to 30 years. Even though it is more expensive to purchase than other roofing materials, the sheet metal has a long service life that is very favorable to its buyer and thus saves the buyer money Long term.



Sheet metal is a metal that, although it is used as roofing material, can be painted and therefore customized to the desired aesthetic, to dress a home or a store. Sheet metal roofs are elements that add a certain cachet to homes and thus increase their value. The sheet is sometimes criticized for being aesthetically flat because it is often not known that sheet metal roofs are carefully worked by the roofers and that one can very simply improve their appearance, in particular thanks to the painting. Another major benefit of acquiring a sheet metal roof is that it can be recycled at the end of its life, unlike most other roofing materials that have only one possible use.


Even if you cannot install your sheet metal roof yourself, because its installation requires the know-how of experienced roofers, the lightness of the sheet is a significant advantage for anyone looking for a solid but delicate roof. Indeed, this advantage allows the sheet to cover houses but also sheds or garages that cannot bear a lot of weight. In addition, its lightness does not prevent the protection against noise from the weather for example because this material can be isolated to avoid disturbances.


In terms of its effectiveness to cover and therefore protect a building, the sheet is also a preferred material because it can hold and withstand all weather without rusting. The sheet is also incombustible and therefore can only deteriorate with time. As a result, the sheet is one of the materials that requires the least maintenance. A simple visual inspection at the end of the season and especially in early spring and autumn is usually sufficient.


Because it can be installed summer and winter, a sheet metal roof is particularly practical in case of a hard blow on your old roof. Within 2 to 5 days, professional roofers can install your new metal roof. Depending on your building, they may eventually offer you a device to retain snow and an insulating device. Also, a roof covering company must also know thoroughly how to design the sheet metal roof so that it adheres perfectly to the structure of the roof and thus prevents the eruption of rain or snow inside the building.



Asphalt shingle roofs are widespread and this type of pavement is one of the oldest. Over time, the composition of an asphalt shingle has evolved significantly and has been enhanced through science and technology to become a product known for its longevity.


Asphalt shingle is available in two varieties that are the so-called traditional organic shingle and fiberglass shingle.

The oldest shingle is the organic shingle made of recycled paper reinforcement that has been dipped into hot asphalt. This technique allows the coating to have a certain flexibility which makes its installation easier and more feasible during cold weather. Thanks to its heavy weight, the organic shingle is also known to be very resistant to bad weather such as wind or rain and therefore also to rips. It is recommended by roofers to people who want a product resistant to changes in temperature and extreme climates.



More recently, the fiberglass shingle is lighter than the organic shingle because of its composition with less asphalt. Its frame consists of three layers, one in fiberglass that replaces cellulose, one in asphalt and one in superimposed granules. In addition to being lighter than its predecessor, it is also less expensive and is particularly appreciated for its increased heat resistance as well as the lifting of shingle legs in winter.


Asphalt shingles are composed of different layers that each has a specific role in the protection of a roof. We first find the surface layer of granules which is composed of rhyolite and basalt. It is primarily used to protect shingles from UV rays, to keep freshness on the roof and to prevent the installation of mold. Then comes the layer of asphalt that seals and waterproofs the shingle to protect the roof from bad weather such as wind and rain. This layer will determine the weight of the shingles. The third layer is the so-called reinforcing layer which can vary depending on the two available varieties and will determine the quality of the shingles. Because it serves as a frame, it is essential so that all layers hold together and must be as stable and resistant as possible. Finally, the last layer consists of an adhesive tape and a nailing tape. The first is activated by heat and it serves to adhere all shingles between them while the second can be nailed. It is this combination that makes the asphalt shingle resistant.


Good value for money: asphalt roofing is appreciated and preferred by homeowners who want to protect their buildings from external elements at a lower cost. It is indeed of a lower cost than the other coatings.

High availability in the market: Both types of asphalt shingles are found in almost all retailers and roofers in different shapes and colors as needed.

Easy installation: By taking all the building’s features into account, a team of roofers can install asphalt shingles quickly and safely.

Simple maintenance: Asphalt shingle maintenance requires a visual inspection every two or three years except in severe weather where it is recommended to quickly check the condition of the roof.

6 Advantages of Asphalt Shingles for your Roof


Asphalt shingle roofs are still popular because this material has many undeniable advantages.

If you have to install a new roof or change the existing roof covering, you may be tempted to look at new trendy materials. Keep in mind, however, that asphalt shingles remain the most used coating over time due to their many benefits.

 Excellent value

Asphalt shingles offer the best value for money, especially when compared to steel, aluminum or cedar shingles, which are much more expensive.

The evolution of asphalt shingles has allowed the use of fiberglass to replace the felted paper in the reinforcement layer that serves as reinforcement shingles, making them even more stable and resistant. With their advantageous features, energy efficiency and guaranteed performance, they have nothing to envy to the other more expensive coating materials on the market.


High availability

The popularity of asphalt shingles makes them widely available to all traders and roofers. There are now different types to meet all needs, as well as different shapes and textures in a wide range of colors and gradients to meet all tastes or aesthetic needs. All these choices are detailed at different prices, which are also suitable for all portfolios.

Easy installation

All roofers will say, installing asphalt shingles is easy, fast and safe. Since the product has been around for over a century, the techniques of lying have also evolved to perfection. The shingles are light and well supported by the frame, so often better suited to all residential roofs. Roofing specialists often use them and accumulate great expertise over their years of work, making installation even easier.

Their design with a layer of adhesive tape and nailing tape makes it easy to glue the shingles together and hold them in place with nails; a combination that gives them more resistance.

Simple maintenance

An asphalt shingle roof requires very simple maintenance compared to other materials that require more care. A simple visual inspection every 2 or 3 years allows you to check the condition of the shingles and make sure there is not time to renovate the roof. So you do not end up with extreme weather in your living room!


Asphalt shingles are known to offer a very high resistance to temperature variations and bad weather. The layer of granules protects the roof from ultraviolet rays; helps maintain freshness and can prevent mildew from settling. The asphalt layer or layers, depending on the shingle model, add weight to the product and ensure impermeability and water tightness of the roof.

Their constitution makes the shingles able to withstand strong winds of 200 km / h, heavy rains by evacuating the water from the roof, the heat of the sun as the frost of winter and the accumulations of snow.


Designed for durability, asphalt shingles offer unmatched durability and peace of mind for years to come. All manufacturers offer different guarantees, which can vary from 20 to 30 years or for life, depending on the quality, type and model of the shingle chosen.

For a hassle-free installation, call professional roofers RoofMI Construction Roofing. They will advise you on the different types of asphalt shingles that can meet your needs, your tastes and your budget.

Reroofing with arched metal and radiant barrier over asphalt shingles in 3 steps!


Reroofing with a new roof over an older roof is becoming a common practice, especially if you have an asphalt shingled roof and you are adding another type of roof (like metal or tile) over it. This is also the time to make sure your new roof will perform at its optimal capacity and you will probably only has a chance to get it right. Therefore, being unilaterally using Roofing Foil during this process will give you all the advantages of a traditional underlayment, but it has an added advantage of being a radiation barrier.

If you have an existing shingle roof and you plan to add a metal roof to the shingles without doing a demolition of the old roof, then this is how you should do it.

Metal Roof Tiles


Required materials:

Perforated, single-sided roofing foil radiation barrier

Wooden slats / Furring strips (1x or 2x) – not pressure treated

Roof cap nails (nails attached with plastic washer)

Roofing panels made of corrugated cardboard

Metal fastenings for metal roofs

Step 1: Step 1: Carry Radiant Barrier over the old shingles

Considering the cost of just a new roof, the radiation barrier is a non-brainer add-on. If you add radiant barrier film over an existing roof, you need to use the perforated film. The perforations allow the film to breathe and prevent moisture from getting trapped between the old roof and the film layer. The perforations are tiny holes that allow the moisture to pass, but they are still small enough to provide a secondary waterproof layer against liquid water.

The foil side always has an air space to work face to face; When the new roof is on a slat system, the slats provide the necessary air space (we recommend no less than a 1/2 “air gap) Unroll the one-sided roof foil with the foil side up, towards the sun To the foil edges on the old roof As the slats go on, you do not have to worry about fixing the foil too much, the slats really hold them tightly from the roof and work your way up to the top with the foil, overlapping seams a few inches on the way ( no need to tape the seams).

If the roof does not use slats, then you will want to make the slide a little better than if you can secure with them.

Once all the slides are in place, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2: Step 2: Install the battens / furring strips (if used) over the foil

After covering the roof with the Roofing Foil, it is time to mount the spacers (fenders / battens) on the roof. How to install Battens can affect how well the roof drains and cools, so make sure you take into account when adding them. Additionally, the slats will create the air space required to reflect the film. A simple slat system in which the strips are horizontally offset or spaced apart will also work. The most important idea is that you have a system where air can flow easily and water can drop off easily.

The Roofing Foil is strong and will not rip or tear. So you can walk on it as you install the slats, without worrying about destroying the product. Get the slats and then you are ready for the last step!

Step 3: Step 3: Add Metal Roof Tiles

Now that you have covered the old shingles with the Roofing Foil and secured the slats at the top, you are ready to open the roof!

Secure the metal plates with the fasteners and finish the roof installation.

With the addition of a radiation barrier above the roof deck, the floor of the roof deck should be close to the ambient temperature (assuming you have decent loft ventilation). This means that you will eliminate almost all the radiant heat that would come from the deck with traditional black felt pads.

Watch the 1 min video below to see how Roofing Foil works to block the radiant heat of getting in your attic and ultimately at home:

The result is a high-performance roof system that reduces thermal heat by 97%! That means, no matter what type of metal or tile you choose (including paint) the radiation barrier blocks 97% of radiant heat from the sun through the roof and into your home. Your home will have instant energy savings, and be more comfortable year round.

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