Winter Home Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Winter Home Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Winter here in Michigan can be downright brutal sometimes. With temperatures staying below freezing for days on end and snow and ice everywhere it can definitely make preparation when you want to go outside needed. But what about your home components such as your roofing in Ypsilanti Michigan. It’s always outside protecting the home against the weather. Roof damage can occur during winter so making sure you follow these tips can help to reduce damage to your home’s roof.

Winter Home Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Roof in Ypsilanti Michigan

Winter brings snow, cold and heavy rains. These elements can impact the functionality of your home and especially your home’s roof. It is a great time to prepare your outdoor spaces for severe weather conditions such as snow and ice which surely come during winter in Michigan. Here are some tips to help you deal with the winter snow and ice that may affect how well your home’s roof performs during the cold winter months.

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Clear snow off your roofs and trees

Snow and ice can buildup in areas around your home and on components such as the roof of your home. Snow can be heavy and can cause damage to trees around the home as well. To prevent roof damage and sagging, remove snow from trees and roofs routinely so that it does not build up. Also, prevent large branches from falling. Tree branches can cause damage to your house by breaking windows and removing siding. These structural damages can lead to costly roof repairs for your home. It’s usually a good idea to hire a contractor to perform inspections as going on the roof can be dangerous.

Check Out Around Chimneys

While most homes today don’t have wood fired heating systems there are many homes with fireplaces where families will sometimes gather around and enjoy the heat and warmth that it provides. But sometimes the chimney for a fireplace can have problems which can lead to roof damage. If heat from the chimney warms the area around the chimney it can melt snow and ice which can then refreeze further down the roof or around the chimney again and build up over time. As water flows down your roof it can melt snow only to refreeze further down the roof which can add weight and get into cracks and around shingles before it refreezes.

Common Warning Signs That You Have a Roof Leak in Wyandotte Michigan

Check your Attic For Leaks

This is a great opportunity to inspect your attic for any leaks. You can check your attic for leaks during storms and rain. Check for water seepage in your attic if you have vents. You risk structural rot and mold if you don’t repair leaks. Water damage can also result in equipment or insulation being damaged, resulting in shorts and non-functioning household appliances. Also look for signs of mold in your home’s attic. Sometimes a slow roof leak can lead to mold growth in the home and the first place it usually shows up is in the attic of the home.

Routinely Look for Problems

Keeping your roof in great shape is much easier than many people think. Learning a few of the signs to look for which indicate roof damage can help you prevent massive damages and water damage to your home. And the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to look over your home’s roof for problems. With each passing storm simply walk around your home and look for signs of damage. This can be damaged areas on the roof, broken or missing shingles, or debris on the roof. All of this can be done from the ground level as well. Finding problems before they turn into roof leaks is best because you don’t have any water damage to deal with. And when you do find a problem, be sure to call a professional for repairs on your roof.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Don’t know what condition your home’s roof is in currently and think it may have problems that need to be addressed? Be sure to call the experts at Ypsilanti Roofing Company today at (734) 291-0165 for a full roof inspection on your home’s roof. They can also repair and replace the roofing if needed. Call today and get a free quote.


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