5 Signs You Have Roof Damage in Downriver Michigan

5 Signs You Have Roof Damage in Downriver Michigan

Having a roof leak on your home can sometimes be easy to spot while other times it can go on for months without anyone noticing. Both of these scenarios pose a problem and can lead to damage to your home but a slow roof leak can lead to other problems including things such as mold growth. Here are some signs that you should look for in your home which can indicate you have roof damage and need roof repairs in Downriver Michigan.

5 Signs You Have Roof Damage in Downriver Michigan

When you have a roof leak it can start off very small. In fact, most roof leaks can be weeks old before they are noticed. The only reason they becomed noticed at that point is because of continuous rain in the area. The water that enters the home through the roof leak is saturated into the insulation or attic and never really reaches the inside of the home. While this type of roof leak can still cause damage to your home it’s generally never addressed until it’s found out later. Then the home owner will need to deal with much more damages to the home and possibly even mold in the home at that point.

Roof Damage Downriver MI

You Notice Spots on Your Ceiling

One way to determine that water has come in contact with drywall is a brownish stain that appears on the ceiling or walls of your home. Typically these stains are found on ceilings but may be seen on walls as well. The stains may also be damp to the touch. Larger roof leaks may even make the drywall sag or even fall in some cases when it has water in it.

You can See Daylight Coming Through in the Attic

When you go into the attic of your home you should not be able to see daylight coming through the roofing surface. You will see daylight from vents but it should not even have a pin hole in the roofing surface itself. If you notice any daylight, you likely need to get a roof repair done on your home.

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Your Home Has Missing Shingles

As weather storms happen they can damage your roof. Usually this damage is caused by high winds which can cause damage to the shingles. Shingles are blown backward in the wind and will sometimes break away from the roof. This may not immediately result in a roof leak because of underlayment protection but will eventually cause a roof leak.

You Notice Mold in the Attic

As water leaks into your home it can cause high humidity in places such as the attic. This can make it a prime breading ground for mold to grow in the home. A small roof leak may not be noticed in the home but you’ll likely notice a lot of black mold which can be growing in the attic of your home. This can also be cause by improper ventilation on the roof which can also cause premature aging of the shingles. A roof leak is usually in the area where the mold is more concentrated as well. In severe cases of mold growing in the home you’ll need to have a mold remediation contractor come in to remove the mold from your home as it can be unhealthy.

Your Home’s Attic Insulation is Saturated

If your roof does have a leak the first area where it will show up is in the attic. As the water travels from the roof to the floor of the attic chances are it will come into contact with the attic insulation. A small leak will likely stop there are the insulation will basically absorb the water from the leak. However, the weight of the water will also cause the insulation to collapse making it less energy efficient. Look for signs of your home’s insulation being saturated with water for a sign of roof leaks.

Call a Roofing Contractor for Repair

If you notice any type of roof damage on your home it’s important to get a roofing contractor out for roof repairs quickly. When you delay getting roof repairs it can cause more and more damage to your home. Call the professionals at Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 if you suspect roof damage on your home. They can inspect your roof and make any needed repairs quickly and affordably.


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