Roofing Services for a New Roof in Canton MI

Canton MI roof installation

Installing a new roof is a big moment for any homeowner. It’s only natural to pour over your options before committing to the new roof project. After all, you want to get the best possible benefit from this necessary investment. Whether you’re building a new home or reinstalling the roof of an old home, Canton MI roof installation is an important decision. What type and color of shingles do you want? Do you want dormer windows or is there a perfect place for a skylight?

New roof installation is the ideal time to redesign your roof. You can add or remove features, expand the attic, and change the style. Ask your roofers about new roofing service options available for your home’s structure and floorplan. Roofing services are available for both new roofs and roofs between installations. You can always install a new feature.  Once every 15 to 30 years, you will be rebuilding your entire roof with a new opportunity to redesign the topmost layer of your home.

Ask about additional roofing services when installing your new roof in Canton MI. Smart shingle selection can eliminate an algae or moss problem on your roof or reduce the shingles you lose with every storm.

New Roof Services and Features

Building a new roof, there are many options that can improve your roof’s quality, appearance, and even its functions based on what you choose. Some are a change of material, some redsign the structure of your roof, some change just a small section. Talk to your roofers about optional services for your new roof installation.

Roofing Services for a New Roof in Canton MI

Architectural Shingles

Here in Michigan, the wind is notorious for taking shingles during the seasonal storms. Architectural shingles are asphalt composite shingles designed with thicker material and more interlocking tabs that reinforce the structure of your roof. These heavy-duty shingles were designed to withstand intense seasonal storms in regions like ours. Architectural shingles are both more durable and more tightly locked down than typical asphalt composite shingles.

The aesthetic bonus of architectural shingles is a more textured look to your roof. From a distance, architectural shingles look more rippled because there is more structure to each individual shingle. This shingle upgrade can help your home withstand damage and need fewer repairs for the next 20 to 30 years.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

A chimney is also an integral part of your roof. Every fireplace or wood-burning stove in the house needs a chimney through the roof. Canton, MI homes can get cold in the winter and nothing is cozier than a central fireplace. If you’ve been craving a fireplace in the home, building a new roof is the perfect time to install one.

Homes with an old and crumbling chimney can also use this opportunity to do work on the bricks. This is a good time to rebuild the bricks or even fully replace or remove the fireplace structure, depending on your preferences. A new roof is a good time to install new flashing for your fireplaces and stove pipes, ensuring they are fully sealed from both wind and rain as part of the roof.


Skylights are a window through the roof where the sky can be seen from the room below. Skylights can let in sunshine during the day and provide indoor stargazing at night. Many homeowners choose to install a skylight in their kitchen, entryway, or living room to brighten the room in a unique and enjoyable way.

Talk to your roofers about where a skylight can be installed in your current roof design. Skylights can only shine into rooms directly below the roof, with the attic in consideration.

Dormer Windows

A dormer window protrudes from the slope of the roof. It has its own perpendicular roof that creates a sheltering hutch for the window. These are decorative and useful for upper floor windows. Dormer windows are often paired with the steep A-frames that are best for shedding snow in the winter. Adding a dormer window always involves your roofers because it is a protrusion from the roof with an individual roof extension for each window.

Dormer windows add charm and personality to an otherwise steep-roofed house. They make the home seem larger and the roof less imposing by adding a glowing window to the upper stories. Dormer design can also be used for small balconies.

Porch Roof Extension

Decks, porches, and patios pose a unique opportunity for roofing. You can extend your roof a few extra feet to cover your social outdoor spaces. Roofing services often include roof extension for outdoor patios and decks. This gives your outdoor social spaces an element of extra shelter. The sun won’t glare so brightly on your barbecues. You can enjoy the sound and smell of the rain without getting wet.

A porch roof also functions as a foundation for lattice or canvas sidewalls to more fully shelter the space. Many families enjoy an indoor-outdoor lifestyle with a covered porch or a roof for their backyard deck. Porch roof extensions can also be used as the covering for an open-air or enclosed carport.

Canton MI roof installation

Algae Prevention

Algae prevention is an important part of roofing services. Some roofs and neighborhoods have a problem with roof growths. Algae and moss are common on roofs in damp climates and rooftops that are seldom washed. If your roof (or nearby roofs) have a historical algae problem, choose shingles with algae-resistant granules. The granules on asphalt composite shingles are primarily designed to help the shingles resist UV rays but other grains can be added to the granule mix. A mild herbicide in your granule mix can prevent algae and moss from growing for up to a decade after the roof is installed.

Granules do wear away over time, but this one choice can keep your roof moss-free for a significant time. From there, the remaining granules will help your prevention treatments to be more effective for the lifetime of the roof.

Vents and Fans

Does your home need more ventilation? Ceiling vents go out through the roof. They export stuffy indoor air and sometimes cycle in fresh air from the outside. Your stove should have a vent and ideally, so should each bathroom. A vent in the laundry room can be essential for humidity control and sometimes the attic will have its own roof vents as well.

If any part of your home is stuffy or humid, installing a fan could be the solution. If you have an older home without bathroom vents, install them when you install your new roof. If your laundry room gets stuffy, now is a good time to give it a vent.

Roof Access

Want safe and easy access to your new roof? This is a smart maintenance choice and, for some, a recreational choice to enjoy your roof. Your roofers can custom-tailor your new roof design to include safe-to-walk slopes and even paved pathways over your roof for safe human roof access. You can design a door or hatch to the roof or even reinforce a section of your eves and gutter for a ladder to attach.

If you plan to spend a lot of time on your roof – or just a few fireworks holidays – talk to your roofers about roof access. They can help you make the roof safer for humans and protect the shingles from regular foot traffic.

Captain’s Walk

A captain’s walk (sometimes called a widow’s walk) is a special walkway or platform on the top of your roof. It’s common in old Victorian home styles but is also just a fun design to have. If you’ve always wanted a roof balcony or a captain’s walk, we understand where you’re coming from. These provide a welcoming place to enjoy the open air and a great vantage point to look across your neighborhood or nearby vistas.

A captain’s walk is the peak of roof design, so consult on the roofing services available for installing an access path and platform at the top of your roof. Your roofers will discuss roof structure, access, and whether your roof can support the large top feature.

Equipment Installation

In today’s high tech world. we often want to install equipment on the roof. Satalite dishes, solar panels, and air conditioning units are among the most popular. When building your new roof, if you know you want equipment installed then talk to your roofers. Many teams have roofing services that include equipment installation. You can also optimize the design of your roof to receive mounting frames if you know the equipment you want during roof installation.

Maintenance Roofing Services in Canton MI

Once your new roof is installed, roofing services extend to maintenance, repairs, and emergency repairs. Roof maintenance will keep your new roof in good condition as it ages and slowly needs more upkeep. Roof repairs will deal with yearly inconveniences like shingles lost to storm damage and small leaks. Emergency repairs come into play when your roof has become unlivable and your home needs repair before the family is safe indoors.

Shingle Repair

Shingles get damaged in a  number of ways. They are bent and broken by the wind, they are pummeled by hailstones, and they can be scraped by tree branches. If some or many of your shingles are damaged, we can reattach or replace them as needed. This is a normal roof repair, the most common in the Canton, MI area. Particularly after gusty storms.

Shingle Patching and Replacement

When large sections of shingles are damaged, the entire section can be re-roofed or patched. This is a sectional type of shingle replacement that reinforces an entire area of your roof with new shingles.

Gutter Repair and Eves Repair

Gutters often take damage and need repair. Gutter reinforcement and gutter upgrades can make your gutter more difficult to clog or detatch. Storm damage and the occasional shakily placed ladder can rip gutters free of the eves. Gutter repairs often involve gutter replacement and eves repair as the gutters are reattached.

Roof Leak Repair

Roof leaks must be repaired before they cause water damage. Count on your roofing services to act quickly in assessing and repairing a leak in your roof. Usually, this is the result of missing or damaged shingles that have yet to be repaired.

Flashing Repair

Flashing is the metal sheathing that prevents leaks around roof features like chimneys and skylights. If the flashing comes unsealed, you can get leaks around these features. Flashing repair and replacement is an essential roofing service for maintenance and repair.

Storm Damage Roof Repairs

Storm damage is a big deal. Many roof repairs in Canton MI are caused by storm damage either removing and breaking shingles or throwing tree branches through the roof structure. Storm damage can range from simple single replacement to emergency rehab repairs.

Roof Insulation

If your home or attic is poorly insulated, the trouble may be with your roof. Roofing services in Canton MI often include an insulation inspection to ensure your roof isn’t losing heat through the top in the winter. If this is true of your home, have your roof insulated and the airflow design improved.

Roof Valley Repairs

As a roof ages, the ridges and valleys of your roof may start to sag. When this happens, it usually means the structure of the roof is weak or rotting. These repairs can sometimes be accomplished by shoring up beams or replacing beams below the roof, but sometimes require sections of new roof installation.

Roofing Services for Your New Roof in Canton MI

Your new roof deserves a design that makes the house look good and improves your experience in the home. Roofing services for a new roof range from structural shingles to sunroofs. Once your new roof is built, we can help you maintain it with ongoing roofing services like annual inspections and storm damage repairs. Over time, you can count on roofing services to take care of any little problems or maintenance concerns along the way. For more information on building a new roof or to explore the roofing services for Canton MI homeowners, contact us today by calling 248-525-6950!


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