Temporary Things You Can Do For Roof Leaks in Ypsilanti Michigan Before A Professional Comes

Temporary Things You Can Do For Roof Leaks in Ypsilanti Michigan Before A Professional Comes

Whenever you spot a leak coming from your roof, your first instinct is typically calling a professional roofing company in Ypsilanti Michigan to come have it fixed. While it’s important to quickly call a professional to schedule them to come fix your leaking roof, it’s also important to take some quick measures to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen by the time they get to your home. Taking these precautions could help limit the damage that could be done by roof leaks, which means you’ll be saving money and potentially harmful damage that could linger for a long time.

Temporary Things You Can Do For Roof Leaks in Ypsilanti Michigan Before A Professional Comes

Of course it’s not ideal for any homeowner to try and fix a roof leak themselves, however it is appropriate to temporarily fix the roof leak until you can get a professional roofer out to your home to fix said roofing leak. The very first thing that you should do when you find that your roof is leaking is grabbing a bucket to hold the water if it’s storming or raining, then contact a local professional roofing company to get them out to your house. Then after you’ve arranged that, you can move on to a quick fix that will help before a professional arrives.

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Put Tarp Over The Roof Leak

This is a good option for homeowners to do, it can easily stop the leak but not mess anything up by trying to fix the leak yourself. If it’s storming, you know how much water can be produced into your home by roof leaks. What you’ll want to do is cover the hole in your attic and taping the tarp tightly among the top portion of your attic. This can help limit water from coming in, but you’ll need to make sure that the tarp is attached very tightly or else it will build up water and fall everywhere, once a professional roofer arrives, you can point them to the leak and they’ll take it from there.

Using Roofers Tape

Another option you could try that’s not too common is using roofers tape to put over the hole that’s causing a roof leak, this can help stop water from seeping into your home. However, this can sometimes fail since most roofers’ tapes need to be stuck on a dry surface to properly stick, so if your roof is leaking and the area around it has moisture in it, then this may not be the solution for your needs.

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Clearing Old Debris

Whenever your roof begins to leak, it can be a headache. One thing you can do while you’re waiting for the roofing company to arrive is by clearing aside any old roofing debris that’s been damaged and fell into your yard, such as asphalt shingles. If the storms stop, you can go outside and try to locate any shingles that have fallen into your yard. The best thing you can do is put them in an area where pets and children can’t access them, then ask your local professional roofing contractor on how they can properly dispose of them.

Remove Any Water From The Floor

Whenever your roof begins to leak, there’s more than likely going to be water on the floor before you find it. This can be a huge risk to slipping and injuring yourself, so it’s a good idea to soak up the water found on the floor to avoid this, then put a bucket underneath the leak to capture any water that may come through. Don’t underestimate the power of water, it can get very slippery as it could have dirt and grime in it, making it even more slippery, so clean it up and be safe when walking around the area that has the roofing leak.

It can be frustrating when your roof suddenly begins to leak, but that’s not something you should be caught up on as there’s more things you should worry about, such as taking care of the leak before even more damage happens and it certainly can happen without a doubt. So make sure you contact a professional Ypsilanti Roofing Company to come and fix your leaking roof, while you take some measures to stop it before they arrive.


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