Is Snow Build Up On My Roof in Dearborn Michigan Bad?

Is Snow Build Up On My Roof in Dearborn Michigan Bad?

Let’s face it, snow can be very beautiful and certainly be fun to play in, so if you’ve ever seen snow on top of your roof it can actually be quite pleasing to look at. So with that being said, many homeowners don’t think about the risks that are actually involved with snow build up on their home’s roof in Dearborn Michigan. Since many believe that it will just melt into water and simply go to their gutters, I mean that’s what happens in storms and such and typically your home is fine. But that isn’t the case whatsoever, snow can be a very dangerous element to your roof and your home.

Why Is Snow Build Up Bad For My Roof?

Your home’s roof is a steeple for your home, protecting your home, belongings, and even you from various amounts of dangers that the world can throw at our homes. So there’s no wonder why many homeowners want their home’s roof to be healthy. But with snow building up on your home’s roof, you can begin to see problems start to occur. Snow can be pretty weightless, but when it’s built up into multiple inches, it can begin carrying weight. That weight might be too much for your roof’s structure to handle, meaning you could find yourself with structural damage to your home’s roof. But let’s go over more reasons why snow can damage your roof.

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Structure Damages

Your roof’s structure is built to withstand plenty of weight, since roof’s can be pretty heavy. But that doesn’t mean they can carry all the weight in the world. Snow building up can put a strain on your roof’s structure and you could begin to see sagging areas due to massive amounts of weight.

Ice Dams Forming

Ice dams are horrible for your home’s roof, snow will eventually melt but with the coldness of the air, it may begin to refreeze itself and cause ice to stay on top of your home’s roof. This means water won’t leave your roof until it’s melting. That’s never good as it can begin ripping or loosening your shingles, causing water damage to your roof’s structure, and more.

Structure Failure

With the weight that snow build up can carry, it can cause the risk of structural failure. This can be extremely dangerous to your home and to you. If you notice any sagging on your roof, then this could be an indication that your roof’s structure is failing.

Is My Home Unsafe?

Of course when you have the risk of structural failure, you’ll want to know if your home is unsafe to stay in. There’s a few ways to tell if it’s safe to stay in your home or not.

Sagging Areas On Your Roof

This can be tricky to tell if your roof is filled with snow build up, but if you notice your roof sagging then it could be dangerous to stay in your home. A sagging roof is typically the result of structural failure.

Cracking And Popping Noise

If you hear any noises that sound like cracking or popping, then you should exit your home as soon as possible. These are the warning signs that your home’s roof is taking on a massive amount of weight and could be collapsing.

What Should You Do About Removing Snow

Whenever it’s snowing, you’ll want to make sure that snow doesn’t accumulate massive amounts on your home’s roof. So you’ll want to find a point where it’s beginning to build up, but remove it before it completely gets too much. Removing snow can be pretty easily done in a driveway or off of a car, but it’s definitely not something you’ll want to do yourself. Since it’s cold and even snowing, everything will be slippery, your ladder, roof, and the ground as well. There’s no reason to risk doing the job yourself and getting hurt.

It’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to remove the snow off of your roof instead of trying to handle it yourself, that way you don’t have any risk of injuring yourself. As the roads could be pretty dangerous as well, you could find yourself stuck with an injury and can’t get to the hospital. So the best way to get snow removed from your roof is hiring a professional roofing expert like Roofing Dearborn. Call them today at (313) 209-6350


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