Here’s Why a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Fail

Here’s Why a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Fail

Getting a new roof installed on your home is a great experience, knowing you’re well protected and having that ease of mind that you won’t have to deal with any problems occurring like your old outdated roof was having is awesome. However, some new roofs can tend to fail for a few reasons, leaving you distraught as a new roof in Ann Arbor Michigan should never fail so soon. If you have experienced this issue or are scared that it may happen to you, then this article could help you know why this happens and also give you an idea on how to prevent it from happening to you.

Here’s Why a New Roof in Ann Arbor Michigan Can Fail

We understand a new roof is a big investment and no one wants it to go poorly as failing whilst it’s still new. But unfortunately these things can happen and it can leave you pretty stressed out. New roofs should stay up to date for years to come without many issues, but that’s only with a professional roofing company doing the replacement. If you’ve opted for a roofing contractor that may have been cheaper or quicker than a professional, chances are your new roof for your home hasn’t been properly installed and that can lead to serious issues and problems occurring. All and all, we will discuss why new roofs can fail so you’ll be better prepared on trying to prevent it in the future.

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Improper Installation

Roofs are meant to be installed properly so that they perform properly, if your roof wasn’t installed properly then you’ll face plenty of ongoing problems happening from every area on your roof. This is why picking the best and most reliable roofing contractor to work on the roof of your home is important to preventing your new roof from failing. If you’re worried about your roof failing after it’s freshly installed, then consider hiring a professional roofing company that’s reputable to inspect your new roof to ensure everything was done properly.

Improper Flashing Installation

Flashing plays a big role in keeping water out of cracks and crevices left between HVAC systems of your roof such as your ventilations, pipe drains, and chimney. These are metal sheets that are connected to your roof with sealant, however if they’re installed improperly, you could find your roof leaking from it. Using the wrong type of sealant can cause failure in your roof’s flashing as well, since over time some sealants can begin to crack or deteriorate, leaving you with a leaking roof.

Not Using Water-Resistant Barrier

Below your shingles is supposed to be a water-resistant barrier that is installed underneath. These allow extra support in case your shingles let any water through them. If you roofing contractor failed to install this feature, you could find problems occurring sooner rather than later as water can get through your new shingles and begin rotting your roof’s foundation or potentially cause a roof leak.

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Lack Of Maintenance

Your roof requires regular maintenance to live the healthiest and longest life that it can, whenever maintenance isn’t kept up with, the roof of your home could face a lot of issues. Failure to keep up with your roof’s maintenance needs ultimately will result in a denial of claim with the insurance company as neglecting your roof’s maintenance will cause problems with it. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to take care of your roof’s needs and to be sure it’s kept up to date as it will also prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Lack Of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is a huge part in letting your attic breath, if ventilations on your roof aren’t properly installed, you can expect to see problems from your home’s roof. Ventilation systems are needed to allow your roof to breath after storms and moisture enters your roof, allowing it to dry away.

We understand having a new roof fail can be stressful, especially considering how expensive that new roof was. But with all of these signs in mind now, you’ll be able to help yourself prevent these issues from happening by knowing why new roofs can fail. Ensure that you’re only allowing professional roofing companies to work on your roof to best ensure your roof won’t fail early on, so that you won’t face this issue ever with a new roof. Call A2 Roofing at (734) 548-9915 for a free quote on your new roof from a qualified roofing contractor.


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