Should You Replace Your Gutters in Troy Michigan? Here Are The Warning Signs

Should You Replace Your Gutters in Troy Michigan? Here Are The Warning Signs

Gutters play a major role in keeping your roof and homes exterior dry and away from water, if your gutters are failing then you can expect to see problems with your homes exterior and roof. This can be prevented by knowing if your gutters in Troy Michigan are failing and needing to be replaced or not. Warning signs can be everywhere when it comes to gutters, so the best way to start is inspecting your gutter system for the warning signs that we’ve listed in this article. If you notice that your gutter system is facing any of these warning signs, then rest assured it may be time for a new gutter system to be installed.

Should You Replace Your Gutters in Troy Michigan? Here Are The Warning Signs

When it comes to your gutters, plenty of issues can occur if they’re not properly maintained. Just like the roof of your home, your gutters also need proper maintenance to stay in good health and not have problems happen constantly. When it comes to the point where your gutter system is failing, then there’s warning signs that you can look for to determine if a new gutter system should be installed or not. We’ve made a list about the warning signs you should look for when doing your next gutter inspection.

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Loose Screws In Your Yard

When you’re walking along the side of your home, do you happen to find loose screws in your yard? Chances are, they’re coming out of your gutters fasteners. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need new gutters, but if you find a large amount of screws and your gutters are hanging, then it may be time for new gutters.

Gutters Are Falling Away From Your Roof

Gutters are screwed into a fascia board that’s attached to your home, these keep the gutters attached to your home so that water doesn’t go between your gutters and roof. However, if you notice your gutters are starting to come loose from the fascia, then there may be a chance that your fascia has begun to rot. This typically means that your gutter system needs to be replaced as rescrewing your gutters fasteners usually doesn’t help if your fascia has begun to rot.

Gutters Are Sagging

If your gutters are beginning to sag in certain areas, then it’s usually caused by weight straint. These areas may have experienced massive amounts of water and buildup from debris that strained your gutters and made them start to sag.

Gutters Beginning To Separate

Gutters are designed to allow water to flow in a continuous path down to your downspouts, channels are connected together to make this happen. However, sometimes these channels can begin to separate and cause water to escape your gutter system and into your yard. This may indicate that a new gutter system is needed.

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Rust And Holes In Your Gutters

Rust and holes can infiltrate your gutter system after plenty of wear and tear, if you notice your gutters are beginning to have holes or rust spots, then sealing them may do the job. However, if you notice lots of holes or rust spots in your gutters, then it’s most likely time for a gutter replacement to happen.

Exterior Paint Is Beginning To Peel

If there’s a problem with your gutters, then water won’t flow down your gutters properly. This means water will escape the channels and sometimes go on your homes exterior. If your exterior has paint that’s peeling, then it could be due to your gutters failing. Wherever the peeling has occurred, look up at your gutters to inspect them. If they’re sagging, have holes, or falling away from the fascia, then they should be replaced with a new gutter system as they’ll just keep peeling away your homes exterior paint.

Gutters are designed to keep water away from your home, however water can cause a lot of problems to your home if your gutters begin to fail. If you notice any of these warning signs, then it may be time for you to hire a professional to replace your gutter system before more problems start to occur and cause you to spend a lot of money with ongoing damages being done due to your gutter system failing to function correctly. Call Troy Roofing Pros today at (248) 509-8015 if you need gutter repair or replacement.


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