Common Roofing Mistakes That Happen to your Roof in Canton Michigan

Common Roofing Mistakes That Happen to your Roof in Canton Michigan

Installing a roof can be a dangerous and long task for many DIY homeowners, that’s why it’s always advised to hire a professional roofing company to do it instead. This limits the possibility of roof failure since many homeowners lack the skills needed to properly install a roof.

It’s also highly dangerous for the average homeowner, putting severe injuries at stake by just one small slip. But roofing mistakes don’t just happen to homeowners, it can happen to roofing contractors with low experience, that’s why it’s always best to go with a professional roofing company in Canton Michigan who is certified and has the skills required to properly install a new roof on your home.

Common Roofing Mistakes That Happen to your Roof in Canton Michigan

It comes as no surprise that many homeowners try to DIY roofing as it can save a lot of money, but with just a few minor mistakes you could find yourself having to dish out for a professional to completely reroof your home or cause permanent damage to your roofs foundation, seeing problem after problem because of improper installation. Making sure you hire a professional roofing expert to install your roof will grant you the satisfying feeling of having a healthy and safe roof on top of your home. We’ll cover some common roofing mistakes that can happen below.

Roofing Mistakes Canton Mi

Putting A New Roof Over The Old One

Whenever you have your roof replaced on your home, you’ll always want to have the old shingles removed. If you put a new roof over your old one, you could run into various issues such as water going underneath the new roof because of old damaged shingles underneath them. This can result in water damage and roof leaks if not properly done. It’s also common practice to remove the old shingles so that the new water-resistant barrier can be placed.

Not Putting A New Water-Resistant Barrier

Water-resistant barrier is put underneath the shingles of your homes roof to ensure water doesn’t seep down underneath into your roof. If you put a new roof over your old one, then it means that a new water-resistant barrier wasn’t put down. This can cause issues like stated above since your old water-resistant barrier could be damaged and allowing water to seep into your homes roof.

Not Nailing Shingles In Properly

Shingles have a line with spots so you can know where to nail them and shingles also need to be properly aligned or water and moisture could seep into your homes roof. If they’re not nailed down properly and misaligned, then you’ll find yourself dealing with water damage, roof leaks, and various other problems. So be sure that they’re all nailed down properly.

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Bad Installation Of Flashing

Flashing sits around various objects on the roof of your home, such as your chimney, pipe drains, vents, and more. They’re connected to your roof with sealant and they keep water from seeping into your roof, however if they’re not installed properly, you could find yourself with a roof leak easily. They need to be sealed properly to ensure that water can’t seep in underneath your roof.

Shingles Are Misaligned

Shingles are supposed to be aligned throughout your whole roof, if they’re not aligned then it could cause various problems such as water damage from moisture, or even roof leaks. If they’re not properly aligned then this creates spots where water can lurk into your homes roof and cause you a headache. Make sure every shingle is properly aligned on your roof and if it isn’t, then it could certainly fail and leave you distraught.

Roofs are delicate when being installed and need to be properly installed to remain durable against harsh weather and elements, whenever a roof replacement is done improperly, you’ll find yourself stuck with various problems that reoccur. Whenever you’re in need of a roof replacement done to your home, be sure to only hire a reputable professional roofing company who have plenty of years of experience and skills to do the job for you so that you won’t find yourself stuck in a situation where you’re paying more money in constant repairs than what you paid for the roof replacement in the first place. Your homes roof is very important and making sure it’s in the best shape possible will certainly extend its lifespan and not show any problems for a while.

If you need roof repairs or replacement be sure to contact a professional roofing company in Canton Michigan to avoid these common mistakes. Twelve Oaks Roofing is one of the best in the area and they offer competitive rates. Call them today at (248) 525-6950 for a free quote.


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