Common Warning Signs That You Have a Roof Leak in Wyandotte Michigan

Common Warning Signs That You Have a Roof Leak in Wyandotte Michigan

Roofing leaks are terrible for your home, as they can cause plenty of damage if they’re left unattended. There’s plenty of ways leaks can form in your homes roof and cause havoc, however knowing the warning signs of a roof that is leaking could help drastically by having it fixed before it becomes worse. If you notice any type of leaking in your roof, it’s always advised to have it repaired by a professional roofing company in Downriver Michigan quickly before it causes more damage.

Common Warning Signs That You Have a Roof Leak in Wyandotte Michigan

Roof leaks can be pretty scary as some roof leaks could be hidden until they show a major problem in front of your face. But with these warning signs, you may get lucky and find leaks before they worsen and cause you a headache. It’s always recommended to every homeowner to keep up with regular inspections and maintenance to their homes roof to ensure it’s in great condition and not suffering from any type of damages, so having any types of roof leaks fixed can prolong the lifespan of your roof, thus saving you a huge headache and lots of money. So, let’s go over the warning signs that your roof is leaking.

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Shingles In Your Yard

Finding a loose shingle in your yard can be pretty confusing. If you ever notice a loose shingle in your yard, then inspect your roof to see if it came from it. If it didn’t, it may have come from a neighbors roof, be mindful and let them know so they aren’t stuck with a roof leak by not knowing. If you find out the roof of your home has lost a shingle, then having it repaired quickly can ensure the best possible chance that your roof won’t start leaking. Shingles serves the purpose of allowing water to flow down your roof into your gutters without letting it seep into your roofs foundation and rotting the wood.

Flashing Is Damaged

Flashing is a metal piece of sheet that connects to your roof and is sealed to prevent water from seeping into your home around aspects of your homes roof such as chimneys, skylights, and ventilation. Old age or harsh storms can cause wear and tear on the sealant around your flashing leaving you with cracks in it, or even damage the whole flashing. This could form a leak and allow water to seep into these cracks.

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Gutters Are Rusting

Rusted gutters are never a good sign, this could indicate that your gutters could have holes in them from rust spots. This can cause problems as water can seep into your roofs soffit or into your homes exterior causing problems such as mold growth in your basement. Having a gutter replacement done may be ideal depending on how bad the rust is in your homes gutters.

Dark Staining On Your Ceiling

Dark stains on your ceiling is a huge problem, this indicates water is reaching your ceiling and seeping into it. This is usually caused by a leaking roof. If you notice dark stains on your ceiling, then having a professional roofing company come out to your home and inspect your roof is highly advised as there could potentially be a lot of unknown damage done to your roof. Water has to travel a far way from the roof to hit your ceiling, so the damage could be far more severe than what you may think.

Edges Curling Up Around Shingles

When the edges on your roofs shingles start to curl up, this could allow water to seep underneath them and potentially cause a roof leak. If you notice any curled up shingles, then have them repaired before water can start seeping into your roof. Curling shingles typically are caused by years of heat and moisture, along with wear and tear done to them, so a simple repair could put you back to normal, but in some cases a new roof replacement could be more ideal depending on your roofs age.

Roof leaks can be daunting to any homeowner, so making sure you know the warning signs that show when your roof is leaking so that you can have it fixed before it starts causing major problems to your roof and home. Regular inspections can also be a huge advantage to finding out if your roof is leaking or not.

Be sure to call the experts at Downriver Roofers today at (734) 548-9919 for a free quote on roof repairs or roof replacement for your Wyandotte Michigan home. They can also inspect the roof for problems.


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