Don’t Let Trees Damage Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan

Don't Let Trees Damage Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan

Trees do a lot for the environment and they’re very aesthetically pleasing around your house, however they can serve big issues if they’re not properly handled. If you live in a neighborhood with beautiful trees everywhere, then you may not know the risk trees bring to your roofing in Plymouth Michigan. If you’re unsure of the risk trees can have to your roof, then you’ll want to keep reading, we will explain why trees are so dangerous to roofs.

Don’t Let Trees Damage Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan

Firstly, if you’ve got issues with trees and such around your house that you want to take care of, we highly advise you to call a professional to do the job. If you deal with it yourself, there’s a huge risk you could put yourself and your roof in danger trying to get rid of trees or branches, so be sure to think if it’s worth the dangers or if you should just spend some money to have it professionally done.

Plymouth MI Roof Damage

Overhanging Branches

Bigger trees in your yard can often overhang branches on your roof, this can cause a lot of issues. If there’s a branch that’s touching your roof, then it could easily damage the shingles due to wear and tear, this makes the shingles far weaker and more prone to rip off during harsh storms and winds. If you find a branch laying on your roof, be sure to inspect the shingles that’s near it if you have it removed to ensure it hasn’t done any damage to it. If you have a branch that floats among your roof, this can pose some risks as well, one being that it could break and fall onto your roof. This could very well puncture your roof, leaving water seeping in and causing more damage to your home. Lastly, overhanging branches can make your gutters become clogged as leaves can fall into them. One way to prevent this is keeping up with maintenance for your gutters.

Falling Branches

Harsh weather can be very unpredictable. If you live in an area with a lot of bad storms, then it’s highly advised you have your tree branches trimmed so they aren’t close to your home or roof. Branches can fall and certainly do a lot of damages to your roof, especially by puncturing it. But that’s not all that can happen, branches left unattended can cause wear and tear on your shingles, they can also build up water which can start to water damage your shingles, so be sure to keep your roof clean and have your branches trimmed properly by a professional.

Debris From Trees

Like we’ve said before, trees are beautiful and really make your home aesthetically pleasing to look at. However, trees can create a lot of debris that can harm your roof in many ways. All trees produce different types of debris, ranging from leaves, acorns, twigs, and much more. These debris are pretty common, but that shouldn’t make you think they can just sit on your roof without care. These types of debris can easily clog up your gutter. This can lead to water seeping underneath your roofing material and potentially rotting the wood underneath. It can also grow mildew and mold on your home and roof. So making sure your roof is well maintained is key to keeping these issues from happening. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, it’s advised to clean your roof off several times a year to help your roof remain properly functioning.

Falling Trees

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your roof is having a tree fall on it. If you notice any types of trees in your yard that seem to be not so sturdy, it may be best to have it removed. This type of damage can really be disastrous to your roof and homes structure, so it’s definitely not something you should play around with.


As beautiful as trees can be, they can also cause little to huge problems with your roof. Removing trees and tree branches should be performed by an expert rather than yourself. Trying to do it yourself can pose risks to both your safety and the safety of your home, so having a professional such as Home Pros Plymouth inspect your roof and repair any damages is recommended.


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