Hire a Professional Roofer in Canton Michigan and Avoid These Roofing Mistakes

Hire a Professional Roofer in Canton Michigan and Avoid These Roofing Mistakes

Your roof is one of the most important things to keeping your home safe from a lot of things. If your roof is damaged, it can cause lots of problems, not only to your homes structure but also to you and your family. Having a professional roofer in Canton Michigan repair or replace your roof is crucial to keeping it in good working order.

Hire a Professional Roofer in Canton Michigan and Avoid These Roofing Mistakes

Things such as leaks can cause house fires if water gets exposed to wires throughout your home, so making sure your roof is in tip top shape to do its job is crucial. There’s plenty of roofing mistakes homeowners can make when doing it yourself, so we’re here to help you do the job right to avoid any issues in the near future, which can cause lots of damage.

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The Best Material

When it comes to picking the best roofing material, there’s a few things to consider. Picking the perfect roofing material isn’t the easiest task unfortunately. Materials like asphalt shingles are pretty common as they’re cheap and do the job, however they’re not ideal for a roof with a low slope.

A common mistake people often make is picking a roofing material due to it being cheaper. This can be a problem in the future though, as it could be the worst option there is. Consulting with a professional to ensure the roofing material you’ve chosen is the best route you should take is ideal.


Flashing is essential to keeping water from seeping into your home, creating a water resistant barrier to prevent mildew, moisture, and other problems that can occur due to leaks in your roof. Flashing is important to your roof so make sure it’s properly done.

One mistake homeowners make is putting the flashing above your shingles, which will make it pointless. Flashing needs to have enough sealant as well to ensure no leaking in the future. To make sure the job is done correctly, make sure you put the flashing underneath your shingles and also make sure you use a good amount of sealant.

Don’t be Cheap With Nails

We understand saving money is always great. But when it comes to your roof, you need to do it properly to avoid spending even more money in the future. When nailing your roof into place, obviously you don’t want to use less than what’s actually needed just to save some money. Using less nails can cause gaps in your shingles which will lead to water seeping in which can cause damage to your roof and home.

Shingles have a nailing strip to make sure you align them all correctly, avoiding that and not aligning them properly can cause them to slide down your home. You should also make sure every nail is flush with your shingle, if it’s not flush then it can cause issues where water seeps underneath the shingle, and cause even more damage.

Shingle Overhang

When you’re installing new shingles to your home, you want them to overhang a little. Most people have problems with this, not knowing how long or short to cut them. If they’re cut too short, then it leaves an area where water will seep into your fascia boards. If they’re too long, storms can cause you to have missing shingles. So making sure your overhang is the perfect length is going to prolong your roofs life and your homes life as well.

Not Adding a Water Barrier

When installing a new materials onto your roof, you should always apply a water resistant underlayment to ensure your roof doesn’t rot due to water seeping through your shingles. This underlayment is a must and should always be installed before continuing your roof replacement. It can also prolong the life of your roof so it’s definitely not something to skip.

Call A Professional Roofer

Replacing the materials on your roof is a tough project to tackle, but luckily with the right mindset and the proper knowledge, it can be done. Making any of these mistakes can leave you in a rut, making you spend more money in the future just because the installation was done improperly, so be sure to always hire a professional roofer such as Twelve Oaks Roofing when you have a roof leak on your home.


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