Common Mistakes When it Comes to Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

Common Mistakes When it Comes to Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

Installing a new roof in Downriver Michigan on your home is not a job for the average individual. Installing a new roof on your home most of the time is a huge project. Even if you do have some experience, it would still be a better idea to hire a contractor. If things go wrong with you doing the job, then everything could get nasty real quick.

Common Mistakes When it Comes to Your Roofing in Brownstown Michigan

Most of the time when a mistake is made it is made by the homeowner. Every so often a roofer will make a mistake. But when a roofer makes a mistake they fix it at their cost, so it don’t cost you any extra money. When you are looking to hire a contractor you never want to hire the cheapest one you find. When finding a roofing contractor it’s important to get a few quotes. Make sure when you get quotes that you get it in writing so that they don’t try and change the price in the middle of the project. 

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Here’s a list of five roofing mistakes made by the average individual. Don’t forget that it doesn’t hurt to ask questions. Remember, the only stupid question is one that doesn’t get asked. If you have a question then just ask it. Most contractors won’t mind answering them at all. Most of the time, this is going to be something that you’ll have for the next 20 years.

Mistake #1 Placing Your New Roof On Your Old One

When getting a new roof installed on your home, you always want to make sure that they remove the old one before the new install. If they leave the old roof on then it could end up being a snowball of problems. Placing a new roof on your old one adds a lot of extra weight on your roof’s structure. If the old roof is left on your home then the old roofing could trap moisture under your new roof. If this happens then it’ll rot your new roof out quickly, before you even see it. When installing a new roof, it should be placed where all the materials can lay flatly, your old roof won’t allow that to happen. 

Mistake #2 Bypassing The Moisture Barrier

Whenever you get a new roof installed on your home you should never skip the moisture barrier. This mistake also refers back to mistake #1. If your old roof is still on your home then you can’t place a new moisture barrier down properly. If a moisture barrier isn’t placed on your roof then it could end up reducing the lifespan on your roof by more than half of it’s life. A moisture barrier is  not something you want to cheap out on either. You should always go with a nice, high quality one. 

Mistake #3 Improper Ventilation

Most individuals don’t understand how important ventilation for your new roof is. Just like you, your roof needs to be able to breath also. When your roof has proper ventilation then it’ll help keep all the moisture out of your roof and keep your home dry. Moisture build up under your new roof could be horrible. When moisture builds up then it rots your roof from the inside out. When this happens you won’t know it until it’s too late. But, if you hire a contractor then you won’t have to worry about this, because they know just how your roof needs to be vented.

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Mistake #4 Abnormal Shingle Installation

When you get new shingles placed on your home, they should always be placed in straight, uniform lines. This is very important not only because it looks good. When shingles are just thrown on top of your roof then this leaves the potential for gaps in your new roof. If you have gaps in your roof then it could let moisture in. Another reason why improper shingle placement shouldn’t be done is because it could end up voiding your warranty. 

Mistake #5 Improper Nailing Techniques

Improper nailing on your new roof could result in moisture build up under the shingles. Each shingle has a nailing strip located at the top of it. Each nail should be driven in like it’s supposed to be. Not too deep but far enough where it is flush with the shingles surface. When having shingles placed on your home every nail should be covered by the next shingle. Most contractors use a nail gun that is calibrated for the perfect depth, to ensure it’s done perfectly. 

Hire a Professional Roofer

When it comes to your home’s roof it’s always best to hire a roofing professional. A qualified and licensed roofing contractor will be fully aware of the mistakes they should avoid. One of the best in Downriver Michigan is Downriver Roofers. Give them a call today at 734-548-9919 for a free quote on a new roof installation on your home.


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