Here’s Why a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Here's Why a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan Shouldn't Be Ignored

Having a small roof leak on your home can sometimes lead to huge damages on the inside of the home. This is especially true if you delay getting the roof leak repaired. Calling a roofing contractor in Ypsilanti Michigan for roof repairs as soon as you notice a roof leak should be done. If not, you may have all sorts of damage to your home. After all, the roof leak may have been present for much longer, it just wasn’t noticed by anyone.

Here’s Why a Roof Leak in Ypsilanti Michigan Shouldn’t Be Ignored

For a low-maintenance roof that is relatively inexpensive, homeowners usually opt for asphalt shingles. Every roofing option comes with both pros and cons; asphalt doesn’t do well in strong wind and severe storms that have high winds associated with them. Heavy duty resources like steel and slate hold up better in these conditions but come at a much higher price tag and maintenance requirements. An asphalt roof will likely last around 15 to 40 years, if cared for properly. One of the first signs that your asphalt roof is in trouble is leakage. When you notice this, you have the option to ignore it, or you have the option to get it repaired right away. Ignoring a roof is not something you should do however.

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As tempting as it might be to ignore a small leak, it could turn into a bigger issue if left untreated. Remember that the longer a problem is ignored, the more expensive it is likely to be in the future. Grouping a bunch of small repairs together is not necessarily being time savvy or budget conscious. The longer that the leak is left to progress, the weaker your shingles will become. The thing about leaks is that they will never get any smaller. Once one begins, it will slowly (or quickly) develop. Plus, you may have mold growing from the water that is allowed inside from the roof leak.

Your health should be taken into consideration if you notice any faulty traits in your roof. Any time that there is leakage, there is the possibility that water is gathering in cracks and crevices that it normally would not. This raises the potential for mold to grow, and this can be highly detrimental to respiratory health. Mold can also be particularly triggering to allergies and asthma, even impacting pets. This can become very dangerous, because it is not always visible on the exterior. Mold spores can enter vents and be transported by your central air system.

Pay attention to the individual shingles on your roof. Problems can reveal themselves by showing signs of curling or breaking. There are instances when individual shingle replacement can fix the problem, but it is not always the case. This can be especially true if you live in a climate with extreme weather conditions. When there is a chance of rain or snow, even high winds, this will put your roof at risk of being damaged. Have a talk with your contractor about which shingles will work the best for your area and home layout.

As mentioned previously, your roof is supposed to last you at least a few decades. Each day that goes by with an untreated leak, the lifetime of your roof decreases. The easiest way to maintain a healthy roof is to stay observant. Regularly observe the exterior as best as possible, and also take note of any drafts, cracks, or leaks that begin to appear. If you need a professional opinion, contacting a local contractor can be very valuable. Assessments are normally free of charge, and you will be able to gauge how close you are to your next roof repair or replacement.

If you have a roof leak on your home don’t delay. Instead, call a reputable roofing contractor to make a roof inspection on your home’s roof. A roof inspection can help to identify problem areas and areas that are in need of roof repairs. One of the best roofers you can call is Ypsilanti Roofing Company. They are fully licensed and qualified and even provide free estimates on any roofing services they offer. Don’t wait when it comes to your roof, Call Ypsilanti Roofing Company today at (734) 291-0165.


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