Key Signs of Storm Damage on your Roofing in Northville Michigan

Key Signs of Storm Damage on your Roofing in Northville Michigan

With so many recent storms that have hit the state of Michigan it’s easy to see why so many home owners are concerned about the roofing on their homes. Damages to the roofing of your home can put the entire home in jeopardy and sometimes it’s not that easy to even determine if there was damage occurring or not. That’s why you may need the help of a qualified roofing contractor in Northville Michigan to help inspect and repair your roof. We’ll go over some of the key signs that you should be aware of that could mean your home has roof damage.

Key Signs of Storm Damage on your Roofing in Northville Michigan

The biggest sign and the most obvious one is a roof leak on your home. If your roof is leaking then you certainly have a problem and likely have roof damage. However, not all roof leaks make their way inside the living area of the home. Some roof leaks can remain hidden in places like the attic which is quite common for smaller leaks that don’t allow enough water in to make it to the interior of the home. But even though you can see a roof leak that is small, it can still cause all sorts of damage to your home. In fact, a small roof leak may cost more in repairs in the long run that one that shows up immediately. With that being said, here are some signs that you should look for on your home to determine if you need to get a roofer to inspect your home’s roof.

Roof Damage in Northville MI

Wind Damage

With severe storms usually comes high winds. These high winds can cause damage to the roof and is typically the roof cause of roof damage. Wind damage can cause shingles to bend backward and break away from the roof in some cases. And if your home’s roof is older then the less protection it will have from wind. As shingles get older they become more brittle and break easier. They also start to pull away from the roof slightly which allows even a small gust of wind to bend the shingle back. For widespread damage to the roof from wind you will likely need a complete roof replacement. Patching an older roof that has significant wind damage likely won’t hold up long.

Hail Damage

Mother Nature has more to throw at your home than just wind. In fact, she has quite a few roof damaging elements and another common one to look out for is hail. Hailstones can impact the roof and actually put small punctures in the roofing surface. This can lead to many small leaks all over the roof. These small leaks can cause water damage to the interior of the home and over time if they aren’t taken care of you may even have mold growth in the home which can be unhealthy.

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Impact Damage

With the severe weather that we face here in Michigan we also have to account for other items that the weather may bring along with it. When winds get high enough to break tree branches or throw debris through the air, your roof along with many other home components may be in danger. Falling branches can impact the roof and puncture the roofing surface which can end up as a roof leak. In more severe cases trees that are uprooted and fall can lead to significant damage to the roof and home.

Gutter Damage

You also need to pay attention to your gutters after a storm has passed. Make sure they are not blocked in any way and that there are no bits and pieces of shingles in them. A common place for shingles that are broken to come to rest is sometimes in the gutters of the home. Keeping an eye on your gutters can certainly give you a heads up when it comes to roof damage on your home.

What you should Do Next

If there is a chance you may have roof damage to your home’s roof it’s always best to have an experienced roofing contractor come out and take a look. Many roofers even offer this service for free. One of the top roofers in Northville is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Give them a call today at 248-525-6950 to set up an inspection for your home’s roof if you suspect it may have been damaged by a storm.


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