Reasons Why Roofer in Canton Michigan Makes Service Calls

Reasons Why Roofer in Canton Michigan Makes Service Calls

When you think of hiring a roofer in Canton Michigan, you probably think of the chaos of trying to find someone trustworthy and qualified quickly before the problem gets worse. But roofers aren’t just around for a one- time emergency. Just like with plumbers, electricians and contractors, they are there for both the big and small jobs. Once you find a roofer you like, you can ask them if they do service calls.

Reasons Why Roofer in Canton Michigan Makes Service Calls

Sometimes problems occur on the roof that home owners simply don’t know how to deal with or who exactly to call. Problems such as a skylight leaking or gutters that are not flowing as they should sometimes isn’t something that some people would consider would be done by a roofer. However, most roofers will service anything that is located on the roof of your home. Here are some tips when you can’t decide if you should call a roofer or not.

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Once you find a roofer who agrees to make service calls, you can contact them for things like:

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections serve a vital role in keeping your roof healthy and staying ahead of any problems. Roof inspections include the exterior of the roof, the interior of the roof, the attic, and the additional features all roofs need. This includes ventilation and insulation to make sure you have proper levels for the best results. Inspections are not just about pointing out problems you have, but working to prevent them and making valuable suggestions on how to get the most out of your roof.

Roof Leak Repairs and Upgrades

Sometimes leaks, especially when caught early on, can be a minor patch job and can be remedied in less than an hour. But if you let things go, or aren’t preemptive about checking for roof leaks, you will have a much more costly and time- consuming task.

Gutter Repairs and Maintenance

Whether it is installing new gutters, repairing existing gutters, or performing basic maintenance, roofers can do it all. While they can do a much more thorough job when clearing out gutters, it will obviously be cheaper to do that yourself. But if you aren’t able to do it yourself, of just don’t want to, you can pay for it to be done.

Roof Replacement

You can use a roofer’s expertise not only for the actual process of a roof replacement, but with the planning process as well. They can help you to do the inspection before a roof replacement to identify any current problems, as well as any work that may need to be done in addition to the roof. They can also advice you on the best materials to use for your area, any maintenance that may come with them, or options you may not know about. If you want to add something to your roof like a skylight or a chimney, you will need to sit down with your roofer to discuss that as well.

Shingle Work

This can be anything from replacing shingles, to identifying damaged shingles, or even doing a re-covering. Shingles are some of the most problematic roof covering materials, especially considering they are such lightweight, individual pieces. it is always recommended that you have a professional do any work that involved walking on your roof to keep you safe. But they also have the eye to spot damage to shingles that you may miss.

Feature Installations, Repairs and Additions

Whether it is something simple like flashings, or a larger job like a skylight, roofers can help you to add the features you want and need to your roof and cut down on the possibility of problems. They can also help to increase or decrease ventilation, or replace or add to insulation in your attic.

Call a Full Service Roofer in Canton Michigan

With so many components on the roof some roofers won’t service them all. There are also different roofing materials that some roofers will also refuse to work on. One full service roofer in Canton Michigan that offers full service on roofs in Canton Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Give them a call today at 248-525-6950 to get a free quote on your roofing needs.


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