Why You Should Consider Architectural Shingles in Ann Arbor Michigan for Your Home

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While the choices in materials for home improvement projects were once very limited, today there are many different manufacturers that offer a wide variety of products. Take for instance the roofing materials on your home. There are many different manufacturers today each offering plethora of products. Not only that but there are many colors and design choices within these products. This can seem a bit overwhelming. One of the best materials to use for your home is architectural shingles in Ann Arbor Michigan for a variety of reasons. This popular roofing material is common because of the many advantages it provides. Here are just a few.

Why You Should Consider Architectural Shingles in Ann Arbor Michigan for Your Home

There are plenty of options to pick from when it comes to choosing a covering for your home’s roof in Ann Arbor Michigan. But one option that is often overlooked is architectural shingles. They are a version of asphalt shingles that are much more aesthetically appealing, while also adding durability and keeping the shingles affordable. But they also have many other benefits that make them a great option for any home.

Why You Should Consider Architectural Shingles in Ann Arbor Michigan for Your Home

Adds Lots of Curb Appeal to your Home

Architectural shingles are designed to create an appearance of texture and dimension to your roof when looking at it. Rather than laying flat like other asphalt shingles, architectural shingles have layers to them to draw the eye and create more curb appeal.

Easy to Install and Replace

Just like other asphalt shingles, it is incredibly easy to install them and replace them when you need to. They are not as heavy as slate or clay coverings, and are small individual pieces rather than metal sheeting. This means that there are no extra steps to install architectural shingles, like adding structural support or a team of people. Replacing damaged shingles can also be done in under an hour by a single person. That greatly cuts down expenses for labor. This can be a tremendous advantage later if the roof is damaged in a storm by a fallen tree or other falling debris. Repairs can be made so there is no fading which you may get with other roofing materials such as metal roofing.

Lasts Longer Than 3-Tab Shingles

While they are more expensive than the 3-Tab option, they are much more durable than the most common style of asphalt shingles. This is because architectural shingles are two times the thickness of 3-Tab shingles and are constructed of at least two layers of mineral fillers on a fiberglass mat. This makes them more impact resistant, can withstand winds better, and the added thickness provides increased insulation. The thickness will help to make a greater barrier between your roof and your home’s interior, making it harder for temperature fluctuations to occur and will save you on monthly heating and cooling costs.

Great Appearance

Just because you choose to go with architectural shingles doesn’t mean they have to look like asphalt shingles. Architectural shingles are great at mimicking the look of other materials, like shake, slate and clay tiles. This can save you a lot of money on your materials, while still getting the appearance of very expensive and high-end materials.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

In addition to mimicking the look of other materials, you also can choose between many different styles. You can choose between sizes of shingles, pattern of installation and hundreds of different colors. This guarantees that you can find the perfect option for your home and make your home look amazing. You can also opt to choose lighter colors that will decrease the amount of heat being absorbed into your home, or get a reflective coating to reflect the sun’s rays. This can also help to lower your monthly energy bills and increase your home’s energy efficiency. 

Install a Longer Lasting Roof on your Home

Architectural shingles last up to thirty years, giving them around the same lifespan as a roof. This means you can replace them all at once, rather than replacing your roof’s coverings only to take it up again when you replace your roof. If you want more details about architectural shingles in Ann Arbor Michigan be sure to call A2 Roofing at 734-548-9915 for a free quote!


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