Is It Time for a New Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

Plymouth MI Roof Installation

Is the roof on your home starting to fail? Maybe you’ve had a roof leak or roof repair over the past few months and are considering a new roof installation in Plymouth Michigan for your home.

Is It Time for a New Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

Many times a roof will start to fail and the home owner will continually get repairs on the roof rather than replacing it. While a new roof can be expensive, constantly getting roof repairs can quickly add up. Not to mention that your home may be damaged or your home furnishings damaged by water leaking into the home from a roof leak. Here are some tips to help you better understand if you may need a new roof or not on your Plymouth Michigan home:

Is It Time for a New Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

Get a Roof Inspection First

Before you commit to a roof repair project or a new roof for your home it’s best to first get a professional roofing contractor out to your home to inspect the roof. There are many things that a qualified roofer will look for including potential problems and the condition of the roofing shingles themselves. A professional roof inspection can help you better understand your options and whether you really need a new roof on your home. Many times roofing companies will offer roof inspections for free so be sure to ask about the costs of a roof inspection when you schedule one for your home.

The Age of Your Existing Roof Matters

One of the biggest factors that most roofers will use when determining if the roof should be replaced is the age of the roof. If you know when your roof was installed and the warranty that is attached to it you can likely make this call as well. Roofing won’t last much longer than the warranty they have so if your roof is a few years past the warranty expiration it’s probably time for a new roof. As the roof ages it will be more likely to be damaged during storms and wind events and will deteriorate more and more as time passes. So even if you get a roof repair done on an aging roof and it holds up it will likely fail in just a short time somewhere else on the roof.

Has You Home Ever Been Re-Roofed?

When a new roof is installed on your home sometimes the old roof is left in place and a new layer of shingles are placed on top of the old ones. This type of roof installation is know as a roof over or re-roof. While it can leave your home with a new roof it can add a lot of weight to the roof. It also means the shingles that are installed are probably light weight and not as thick as higher quality materials which means they are more likely to fail. Usually homes that are re-roofed have three tab shingles installed which only have one layer of roofing materials in the shingles. Designer or architectural shingles have multiple layers of materials which makes them not a good option for re-roofing.

Hire a Licensed Contractor for Repair or Replacement

Hiring a licensed roofing contractor is a must for your roof replacement or roof repair. Without a licensed and qualified contractor to install the new roofing the warranty on the roof may be void. One of the main reasons a roofing manufacture voids a warranty is improper installation of the roof. Don’t take chances with your new roof, always use a licensed contractor.

Help with Financing the New Roof Installation

If one of the reasons you’re not getting a new roof and constantly paying for roof repairs is your budget there are some options that you can consider. One of those options is getting the new roof financed. Some roofing contractors will offer very good financing options to help you get the new roof installed on your home that fits in your budget.

Get Started with a Free Quote

To get more details about the options that are available to you be sure to call the roofing pros at Home Pros Plymouth at 734-548-9911 for a free quote. They also offer roof inspections as well.


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