Questions to Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan About Insurance Restoration

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With the recent storms and severe weather that we’ve experienced in Michigan lately, it’s easy for roofing systems to become damaged. Even new roofs can fall victim to weather so keeping a close eye on the roof can help to prevent lots of damage to your home. When your roof is damaged by weather it’s important to have a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan who can work with insurance companies to get your home back to normal quickly. We’ll include some tips to help ensure your roofer is up to the task and able to do the work required on your roof for insurance.

Questions to Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan About Insurance Restoration

When you have damage to your home that is covered by your insurance, you know that you will need to go about filing a claim, finding a qualified roofing contractor, and submitting a quote. When you know you are dealing with an insurance company, it is important to make sure you are getting someone who will do the work for what the insurance company deems a fair price. One way to do this is to hire an insurance restoration contractor. They are much more familiar with the insurance process and how things will be done, making them more desirable to insurance companies. But just because they are more familiar than other contractors, doesn’t mean it isn’t important to ask them questions to find the right person for the job.

Questions to Ask Your Roofer in Canton Michigan About Insurance Restoration

To find the right roofer in Canton Michigan for any type of roofing repair or new roof installation means you’ll need to ask them some questions. We’ve included questions below and help determine just what you should be looking for when selecting a roofer for your roofing project in Canton Michigan.

Where Are You Located?

Every state has their own licensing rules and regulations, as well as codes and permits that must be followed when doing contracting work. Different towns can also have their own rules and regulations, making it important to be aware of what is required in your area. For your best chances of keeping everything up to code, it is beneficial to hire someone from the area. They will have more experience with how things are done, and won’t have to waste time checking every little step. It is also easier for you to get a hold of someone who lived closer, making it easier for them to get to your home.

What Is Your License Number?

No matter how good the roofing contractor may seem, you should never hire one that isn’t licensed. It is important to not only ask if they have their license, but also get their license number. This way you can verify their license status, as well as make sure that they haven’t had any issues that caused suspensions or revoking.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Insurance is also a key feature of hiring the right contractor because it protects you from lawsuits and extra expenses from accidental damage. Without being properly insured, any accidents can become your responsibility, including those where a contractor or subcontractor is injured. Ask to see their policy coverage, make sure it is current, and make sure everyone working on the job will be covered as well.

Can You Provide Me with References?

Anyone can write reviews online, and they are not always honest. This means it is crucial to get references to get a real sense of the work the contractor can do. These references should be called by you, or met with in person, to ask them questions about the work done and how satisfied they are.

Do You Specialize in Insurance Claims?

When a roofing contractor in Canton Michigan is familiar with the insurance process and is able to communicate with your insurance company, it greatly reduces the risks of problems and makes the task go much smoother. The more comfortable they are, and the more work they have done with insurance claims, the less hassle it will be for you to get your home fixed. One of the best roofers in Canton Michigan that can help with any type of roofing problem you may have is Twelve Oaks Roofing. They are insurance specialists and can help get your home back to normal quickly if it has been affected by weather. Call them at 248-525-6950 for more information and get a free quote!


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