How To Choose The Right Shingles For Your Roofing in Dearborn Michigan

Dearborn MI Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a very common option for residential roofing in Dearborn Michigan because they are easy to install and look great. But not everyone wants the standard asphalt shingle on their roof. To make sure you get the right shingles to fit your home and your needs, it is important to look at the differences in roof shingles.

How To Choose The Right Shingles For Your Roofing in Dearborn Michigan

The selection of roofing materials and shingles a few decades ago was pretty limited. There were only a few different designs or colors that a home owner could choose. Today, there are numerous choices when it comes to designs and colors. Not only that but roofing shingles today are made much better and have different qualities as well. In fact, there are many choices of roofing shingles today that have warranties of over 35 years. This was unheard of a few decades ago. There are some things you’ll need to consider when getting a new roof installed on your home which can effect the choice of roofing however which we’ll cover below:

How To Choose The Right Shingles For Your Roofing in Dearborn Michigan


There are two main types of roof shingles. 3-tab shingles are the standard design you see on most homes. They are very affordable and makes it ideal for those on tight budgets who need a new roof covering. They come in hundreds of colors and are very easy to install.

Architectural are a more durable, but more costly option over 3 tab shingles. They are designed to provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing look by adding dimension to the shingles. They also better withstand high winds.


You can choose between several different materials for your roofing shingles.

Asphalt is an inexpensive and lightweight material that can easily be installed on any residential roof. However, they can lack the durability that other materials have.

Tile roof shingles like terracotta clay are very high quality and provides you with a classic southwest look. You can choose between several colors and expect between 50 and 100 years out of these shingles.

Wood roof shingles provide you with a very rustic appearance and greater roof insulation that asphalt. You can choose between a classic wood shingle design, or a wood shake shingle to create a more textured appearance.

Slate shingles are a very eco friendly and fireproof design, making it great for those who want to use fireplaces on a regular basis. Slate is heavy and isn’t ideal for every roof, but is definitely worth looking into if you want a more environmentally friendly option.

Solar shingles are a newer option for roofs and are designed to work like solar panels. This means that instead of shingles and the panels on top, you combine the two for a sleeker and more appealing design.


There are hundreds of colors to choose from with roofing shingles. This means that it is easy to find the right color for your home and increase your curb appeal. It is important to remember, however, that the color of your roof also impacts how much heat is absorbed. The lighter your shingle color is, the more light will be reflected from them. This is important because it is an easy way to make your home more comfortable. If you live in a very warm area, you are going to want to have a lighter color for your shingles. If you live in a colder climate, darker colors can absorb heat and help keep you warm.

Energy Efficiency of the New Roof

The color of your roof isn’t the only way to make your home more energy efficient. You can also opt for reflective coatings to make sure that the UV rays are reflected and prevent absorption. This doesn’t just mean making your home cooler in the summer, but also helps prevent UV damage to the shingles themselves. That will help increase your shingles lifespan and decrease the chances of needing repairs.

Get a Quote on a New Roof in Dearborn Michigan

It’s always best to talk with a qualified roofing contractor about your home’s roof replacement. Call Roofing Dearborn today at 313-209-6350 for a free quote on new roofing for your home. They can also inspect your current roof to determine if you really need a new roof or not.


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