The Dangers of Hiring a Roofer in Taylor Michigan from Out of Town

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Roof repair in Taylor Michigan is serious business. Your roof is your primary line of defense for your home and making sure it is in tip top shape is crucial to a well-protected home. If there are repairs to be made, you want them done soon and well. If there is a replacement to be made, you also want that done well.

The Dangers of Hiring a Roofer in Taylor Michigan from Out of Town

So what happens when you need to hire a roofer in Taylor Michigan? Don’t go with someone who promises to get the job done fast – that could mean it isn’t done correctly. Also, you may want to go with someone more local, no matter what an out of town roofer promises. Here’s why.

The Dangers of Hiring a Roofer in Taylor Michigan from Out of Town

  1. High Pressure – Out of town roofers will often drop in and offer exclusive special deals as a means to try to get your project for themselves. Often they offer incentives or discounts to get you to sign a contract on the spot. This sales tactic is dangerous to you, the homeowner, because it doesn’t allow the chance for candid discussion of the project.
  2. Skip Towns – Out of town roofers are often storm chasers. They look to follow natural disasters or severe weather to make the most money fastest. This means they swoop in promising to help after bad weather damages your roof, then rush through the project, if they even finish it, and move on to the next project and town quickly. It’s almost always impossible to hold them accountable when shoddy work is done because they’re already on to the next town, state, or wherever.
  3. Quantity – Often, an out of town roofer will look to get as many clients in one area as they can. They are looking to do as many projects as they can in a short period of time to make as much money as they can. Odds are they won’t have the best workmanship as a result. They will rush through to get done and then leave. This makes it really hard to hold them accountable or get money back for incorrect craftsmanship.
  4. Insurance Issues – It’s harder to hold out of town roofers responsible for having the proper insurance, or any insurance at all. If there is an accident while they are working on your roof, this makes you liable for any medical costs or extra repair, only increasing how much you spend.
  5. High Price, Low Value – An out of town roofer will likely quote you a lower price for the project, and will outbid the locals by a longshot. A local contractor, however, will use higher quality materials and products to ensure that your roof is durable and will live a long life protecting your home. While a roof project will always be a costly investment, an out of town roofer looking to ‘save’ you money will also use the least expensive products, with more than likely the least quality as well. This will cause you to have to start from square one in no time at all.
  6. Down Payment Down the Drain – Sometimes out of town roofers require a down payment to be made prior to repairs being started. This may be normal, except out of town roofers are far more likely to take the down payment and run, never to return to complete the job.
  7. Local Costs and Economy – Essentially, you are going to boost your local economy if you use a local roofing company. They will likely get their products and materials locally, putting the money back into the community. If you hire someone from out of town, you’re only bettering their local area, not yours.
  8. Legal Knowledge – A roofing contractor cannot claim to pay your deductible to offset costs or offer a discount in relation to it. Out of town roofers try this tactic quite a bit, especially if they are the storm chasing kind. This is meant to protect homeowners, but it’s important to keep in mind that if you agree to this in a contract, you are also committing a crime.

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Be sure to call All Point Construction today for roof repairs in Taylor Michigan at 734-407-7110. They are fully licensed and insured and are a local roofing contractor in Taylor Michigan. Call today for more details and a free quote!


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