Signs You Have Improper Roof Ventilation in Trenton Michigan


The roof on your Trenton Michigan home may seem like a simple thing. It is just a lot of wood and other materials that you put together and nail to the top of a house, right? Though that isn’t false, it is far from the whole story. A roof is actually several systems that work with each other to warm, cool, insulate and keep your home dry. Amongst these systems is ventilation that aids in all of those things. It’s always best to consider the ventilation on your roof when getting a new roof in Downriver Michigan or even a roof repair done on your home.

Signs You Have Improper Roof Ventilation in Trenton Michigan

Roof ventilation is crucial to maintaining your roof. It not only cools your shingles to extend their lifespan, but it also stops moisture from accumulating in your attic, which can lead to dangerous molds, wood rot and eventually contribute to roof failure. Ventilation also aids in keeping destructive animal infestations from occurring. Poor roof ventilation should be one of your greatest concerns as a homeowner. In fact, without proper ventilation, you can be adding problems to your home that can impact your health such as mold growth due to improper ventilation of the roof. 

Signs You Have Improper Roof Ventilation in Trenton Michigan

The Signs of Improper Roof Ventilation in Trenton Michigan

Moisture Buildup In The Attic

Most of the things on this list can be traced back to moisture. Moisture buildup in the attic is the most destructive thing to your roof and home that improper ventilation causes.

Broken Flashing

The flashing around your roof vent could be damaged or may not have been installed properly in the first place. They could be rusted or have been damaged by weather or falling debris.

No Soffit Vents

In most places, this wouldn’t happen, but in many rural communities, you will find improperly built homes that do not have overhangs or soffits.

Blocked Soffit Vents

Ice dams and debris can at times clog soffit vents. This renders them useless until they are cleaned. Failure to do so greatly handicaps your ventilation system’s ability to rid your home of moisture and properly circulate air.

Sun Damage

Shingles get very hot during certain times of the year, or all year depending on where you live. One of your ventilation system’s biggest jobs is keeping your shingles cool so that UV rays do not age them prematurely.


Moisture buildup inside an attic will eventually cause the materials to rot. This will lead to sagging, bowing and cave-ins.


Before rot sets in, certain materials in your attic can begin to grow mold. This mold could be benign but it could be dangerous to the health of your family and your pets. This is also due to moisture buildup caused by improper ventilation.


With a buildup of moisture in your attic comes a desired nesting ground for all kinds of four to eight-legged creatures and even a few winged ones. Bats, spiders, termites, weasels, most insects in general, rodents and a few feathered friends love cool moist environments. Even though these creatures range in their destructive capacity to your home, chances are you would rather not run into one of them when you are trying to find your Christmas lights.

Too Hot, Too Cold, Never Right

Your ventilation system is crucial to the ecosystem of your home. It brings in fresh air from outside, exhausts heat and even uses this very system to protect your roof from freezing through or overheating.

Seems Like A Side Note

When buying or building a home, few people are going to even think about proper ventilation of the home, let alone how it affects your roof. If your attic has a moisture problem, you are far more likely to start inspecting for leaks than to check your soffits or roof vent. This is especially true for home additions and home remodel projects. That is why it is always good to have a trusted professional assess your roof or attic for any possible deficiencies. Be sure to call the roofing experts at Downriver Roofers today if you suspect your roof ventilation may not be performing as it should. They offer free quotes on roofing projects and are fully licensed and insured. Call today at 734-548-9919


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