4 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Roofing in Canton Michigan for Spring


Spring is just around the corner and for many home owners are getting their roofs ready for the warmer weather. With the warmer weather comes a few threats for your home’s roofing in Canton Michigan. As the snow and ice melts away it can expose problems with your home’s roof that are needing attention and possibly repairs. Here are some tips that you can do to help your roof perform better in the warmer weather that spring will soon bring to the Canton Michigan area.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Roofing in Canton Michigan for Spring

During the winter months the cold and freezing weather can cause problems with your roof. But installing a new roof in temperatures below 40 degrees can be problematic. This is why many home owners put off roof repairs until the spring of the year when the temperature is warmer. It’s also a time when snow and ice are no longer a problem on the roof. Protecting your roof and making sure it is in good condition and will stand up to the weather of summer however means you’ll need to take a few steps to ensure it is done correctly. Here are some tips to help you keep your roof performing as it should this spring:

Clean Your Gutters

One huge problem that home owners tend to overlook is the gutters on their homes. Gutters should be cleaned every few months and if you have lots of trees in your yard it may need to be cleaned even more frequently. As water exits the roofing surface it falls into the gutter but when the gutter is clogged it can lead to water backing up on the roof. This backed up water can get under shingles and eventually make it’s way to the roof decking which can lead to problems and water damage. Keeping your gutters clear can help to prevent damages.

Trim Nearby Trees and Shrubs

With the spring season approaching it also means that the severe storm season is also approaching. With the high winds of storms it can lead to damages to your home’s roof. But not only is the wind a problem but if you have trees near your home keeping them trimmed can help to reduce problems of fallen limbs and such onto the roof. Even tree limbs that brush the roofing surface can cause problems as it may cause premature aging of the roofing shingles due to granule loss.

Get Roof Repairs Done

If you have a roof leak in your home it really doesn’t matter what season it is you should get it repaired. A small roof leak can get worse and worse and with warmer weather comes an increased risk of mold growth from a roof leak. Make any necessary roof repairs on your home.

Get a Full Roof Inspection

To determine just what shape your roof is in you’ll need to get a full roof inspection done. During a roof inspection a qualified roofer will examine the entire roof of the home. They will also look at all the roofing components such as seals on the roof. If there is a problem on the roof they can inform you and suggest repairs that need to be done. This can help stop any potential problems from occurring on the home’s roof before they result in a roof leak. This also helps to let the home owner know the state of their roofs. Many times the roofing contractor will give you information about just how much life is left in the roof and give you a better estimate of when the roof may need to be replaced. It’s best to get a roof inspection each year and usually spring is the best time as the snow and ice will be gone from the roof and allows for safer environment for the roofing inspector.

Get a Roof Inspection on Your Home in Canton Michigan

Be sure to call one of the top roofing contractors in Canton Michigan today at 248-525-6950 for a roof inspection on your home. Twelve Oaks Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor and can inspect your roof as well as provide roof repairs and roof replacement in Canton Michigan.


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