The Benefits of Asphalt and Gravel Roofing


What is an asphalt and gravel roof?

Asphalt and gravel roofs are ideal for flat roofs. In English they are called Built-Up-Roofing, BUR. This refers to a roof built with 3 to 5 plies that are usually bonded to each other with hot asphalt.

This is often the type of roof that we call the most common. In Canada, most flat-roof buildings are covered with this one.

More and more people are choosing single-layer roofing, but asphalt and gravel roofing is still an excellent choice.

The final layer of asphalt and gravel helps protect roofs from UV rays and physical damage.

As previously mentioned, asphalt and gravel roofing is made of four or five plies of felt paper where liquid asphalt is applied. These multi layers are what makes the quality of this type of coating.

benefits of asphalt and gravel roofing


Applications :

This roof can be installed with or without insulation, on any type of roof. It can be conventionally installed, as described or reversed.

Advantages :

Relatively inexpensive when used in a standard way

Resists damage, such as shocks caused by debris

Extended warranties of up to 20 years can be obtained directly from the manufacturer or supplier, provided that the roof is installed by an approved roofing contractor, such as those of Toiture Unix.

Asphalt and gravel is also very effective against water infiltration and external weathering

This cover fits easily if your flat roof has multiple vents, skylights, chimney and drain

Asphalt and gravel protects against the spread of fire

His repair is simple

The inconvenient :

The main disadvantage of asphalt and gravel roofs is when the roof has more than 8% slope. Due to asphalt slip. Others this disadvantage:

Not compatible with many types of insulation

Asphalt odors are often disturbing

The price of petroleum products often increases

Low tolerance to expansion and contraction

More sensitive to bad weather during installation, which could affect the quality of the roof

The duration of the coating will not be 25 years if its maintenance is not properly performed. Indeed, it is necessary to maintain its roof to ensure its quality.

Its installation requires expertise, skills and a team of qualified professionals

In conclusion

Asphalt and gravel roofs are excellent coverings for your flat roofs. In most cases, this will be the most interesting solution and especially the most affordable.

It is important to ensure that your installation is of high quality, as this will make your roof have a long life.


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