Asphalt Shingle Roofing in Michigan


Are you looking for a reliable and safe roofing contractor for Roofmi asphalt shingle roofing in Michigan and surrounding areas? In spite of new technologies, asphalt shingle roofs are unduly battered. Since the introduction of fiberglass, which has removed felted paper, the product has greatly improved. Now, there are asphalt shingles guaranteed for 25 years and even for life and at Roofmi, we have them.

Asphalt shingle roof, its composition:

Nowadays, the asphalt shingle roof is designed using a process consisting of an organic felt or fiberglass structure to support the other layers that come with it. The organic felt is soaked and covered with hot asphalt; the top wall is coated with a protective layer of ceramic colored granules, resulting in a defense of ultraviolet rays. The fiberglass structure is also protected from the same protective materials as saturated with the same materials as the organic felt.

Asphalt shingle roofing in Michigan


Roofing with asphalt shingles, many advantages:

Having distinguished itself for several decades, asphalt shingle roofing is offered in many styles, colors and shapes to meet the needs of the most demanding client. Well laid, these shingles are waterproof and they contribute to the runoff of roof water. Asphalt shingles have many advantages:

Affordable price.

Good solidity.

Extensive selection and availability of shingles in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors.

Guarantees ranging from 25 years to lifetime, providing the customer with security and peace of mind.

Easy and fast installation.

Roofing with asphalt shingles, why choose a qualified contractor?

There are many problems that can be avoided with asphalt shingles as well as their early wear, respecting the rules of installation. When the slope is adequate and the roof is well ventilated, the longevity of an asphalt shingle roof varies from 20 to 30 years depending on the quality used. Whatever option you choose for your new roof, it’s a good idea to turn to an expert who can guide you.

Constructions FMT have been offering asphalt shingle roofing service in Michigan and surrounding areas since 2010!

At Roofmi, We have increased experience and explicit knowledge in asphalt shingle roofing. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to consistently deliver a service that reflects the highest quality standards in the industry. In addition, our team controls all the techniques leading to stubborn installations and we are available to direct our customers in the choice of an adequate and advantageous roof. Certified and reliable, all our specialists are committed to excellence and are committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

Free estimate on our asphalt shingle roofing service

Since we must be vigilant during renovations, especially if it is your roof that protects you from bad weather, entrust your project to Roofmi! Whatever the size of your asphalt shingle roofing project, our team has all the skills and concepts necessary to offer you a service that meets your aspirations today. Contact us for a free evaluation on our asphalt shingle roofing service.


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