6 Advantages of Asphalt Shingles for your Roof


Asphalt shingle roofs are still popular because this material has many undeniable advantages.

If you have to install a new roof or change the existing roof covering, you may be tempted to look at new trendy materials. Keep in mind, however, that asphalt shingles remain the most used coating over time due to their many benefits.

 Excellent value

Asphalt shingles offer the best value for money, especially when compared to steel, aluminum or cedar shingles, which are much more expensive.

The evolution of asphalt shingles has allowed the use of fiberglass to replace the felted paper in the reinforcement layer that serves as reinforcement shingles, making them even more stable and resistant. With their advantageous features, energy efficiency and guaranteed performance, they have nothing to envy to the other more expensive coating materials on the market.


High availability

The popularity of asphalt shingles makes them widely available to all traders and roofers. There are now different types to meet all needs, as well as different shapes and textures in a wide range of colors and gradients to meet all tastes or aesthetic needs. All these choices are detailed at different prices, which are also suitable for all portfolios.

Easy installation

All roofers will say, installing asphalt shingles is easy, fast and safe. Since the product has been around for over a century, the techniques of lying have also evolved to perfection. The shingles are light and well supported by the frame, so often better suited to all residential roofs. Roofing specialists often use them and accumulate great expertise over their years of work, making installation even easier.

Their design with a layer of adhesive tape and nailing tape makes it easy to glue the shingles together and hold them in place with nails; a combination that gives them more resistance.

Simple maintenance

An asphalt shingle roof requires very simple maintenance compared to other materials that require more care. A simple visual inspection every 2 or 3 years allows you to check the condition of the shingles and make sure there is not time to renovate the roof. So you do not end up with extreme weather in your living room!


Asphalt shingles are known to offer a very high resistance to temperature variations and bad weather. The layer of granules protects the roof from ultraviolet rays; helps maintain freshness and can prevent mildew from settling. The asphalt layer or layers, depending on the shingle model, add weight to the product and ensure impermeability and water tightness of the roof.

Their constitution makes the shingles able to withstand strong winds of 200 km / h, heavy rains by evacuating the water from the roof, the heat of the sun as the frost of winter and the accumulations of snow.


Designed for durability, asphalt shingles offer unmatched durability and peace of mind for years to come. All manufacturers offer different guarantees, which can vary from 20 to 30 years or for life, depending on the quality, type and model of the shingle chosen.

For a hassle-free installation, call professional roofers RoofMI Construction Roofing. They will advise you on the different types of asphalt shingles that can meet your needs, your tastes and your budget.


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